Friday, October 26, 2012

she flew the coop again, in style...

We were lucky to have had Danielle home all summer.  

Her move to Atlanta was not all it was cracked up to be, 
and now she has moved to Charleston.
(lucky girl)

I won't be jealous, I won't be jealous...

the reason for this update is to show you some of the things she did to get herself prepared.

She created herself a laundry basket full of cleaning supplies,
mamma's cleaning supplies ofcourse!
Not just mamma's but some ideas and recipe's of her own for 
me to borrow ;)

She even made her basket a little sign!

she made these cleaning mitts out of a vintage towel and then stamped on the 
reverse side, how cute is that?

She put her soap in a container she found in the work room, filled a jar with
our organic lavender sachets and made her own
all purpose cleaner and window cleaner and then
recycled bottles to put them in.
(with hand stamped labels ofcourse!)
All summer she came up with new idea's for The Old White House and worked at markets for us,
I really appreciate all of her hard work!

After she made herself a basket full of pretty supplies,
she got busy making a few pillows for her bedroom,
this one is a vintage sheet, love the ruffle...

I put in my order for the "I like you & naps" pillow...
she also created a canopy using a vintage frame and some sheets,
she promised to send pics as soon as she gets it hung up.
I can't wait to see it!

I love the jar of dryer sachets!

So why make your laundry supplies look so pretty,
you ask?

cuz, when you go to the laundromat looking like this,
your supplies gotta keep up!
(I borrowed this photo from a vintage style pin-up photo shoot that she did with a friend)

Wishing you only the very best Sweetpea!
i miss you already.

She has me inspired to make something around here just
a little more special...
how about you? 

Thanks for stopping by!

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Monday, October 22, 2012

just a beautiful photo... and my wish for you

via tumblr

This has to be one of the most moving photos
that I have seen in a very long time.
Isn't this what we all hope for?

To be loved by someone for all of our life?
I believe it is most definitely something we all deserve to have.

I hope you have what you deserve today.


Friday, October 19, 2012

tiny soldered bottle charms...

I had the soldering iron plugged in again, 
and boy did it feel good!

I was rummaging in my work room for something
and came upon these tiny bottles that I had been saving
for a special project...

special project complete!

now I need to find more tiny bottles,
because these were so fun to make!
Can you see the tiniest Christmas tree in this one?
Some have fairy dust, some have music paper scrap,
and a couple are for Christmas,
I have 3 of the amber ones with a 
little 'love potion no. 9 in them;
my own concoction ofcourse!

I missed last weeks barn show, I was still hanging on to my
"whatever the crud is that is going around here" illness,
and it was going to be 42 degrees and rain all
day so I had to stay home.
I really missed being there, and seeing all of my friends.

Today is a new day though,
and I am feeling better and hopefully the weather will cooperate!
I am headed to Everlasting Blooms in Grand Rapids
for their Vintage Flea Market...
I got a peek at some of the treasures that the other
vendors are bringing and oh my gosh is it full of fabulous goodies!
All inside their huge greenhouses,
the set up is pretty cool and the shop is fabulous!

If you are in the area you won't want to miss it!

Thanks for stopping by!


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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

like peas in a pod...

Here is yet another reason to love Pinterest.

(My pod went past 2 years ago)

I saw this pin and immediately clicked on the source,
it was none other that Cathe Holden.
She is a wealth of information and downloads and creative beyond belief!
She has a tutorial for this peas in a pod necklace,
and I just had to make one for myself!
Hers was made with a green leather shoe,
see, a crafty Macgyver like the rest of us!
I didn't have a green leather shoe,
but a beautiful pea green wool will have to do.

so if you want to make your own peas in a pod necklace
to show how many peas are snuggled in your pod,
check out the link!

Have a fabulous day!


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Thursday, October 11, 2012

fall fluffing...

A sweet friend of mine dropped off some beautiful Indian Corn 
the night before last after I had already went to bed,
and I swapped out my empty frame before daylight yesterday! 
I then proceeded to do a little fluffing...
I know, all for a little bit of fall fabulousness...
go figure.

As a bonus we have some sunshine today so it was a perfect morning
to do a little pumpkin photo shoot!

Now tonight while I am sitting in front of the 
t.v. with the family,
I can get some of these listed on etsy.
My poor etsy shop has suffered a bit because of all of the shows
we have been doing.
Time to kick it into gear over there!

Back to the "ta da" list,
 more sewing, gluing, gathering and creating!

Sooooo..... what are you up to today,
I hope you are enjoying the same sunshiny day that we are!


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p.s... like this fabulous orange bench?  It's coming with me to Jill's sale!
I will be there on Sat. 10-4
but the rest of the vendors will be there on Sun from 12-4 too!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Annual Antique Harvest Festival Time!

It's time for Jill's annual 

Centennial Farm Antique Harvest Festival!

Her barn is swoon worthy...
swoon worthy I tell you.

This is my spot from last years show.

I loved my space in her beautiful barn,
but this year I am only able to do day 1 of the show
because on Sunday it is this boy's 10th birthday!

There will be a slumber party, bonfire and crazy boy stories going on at 
my place Saturday night!

here are a few more shots from last years show...

barn envy.
there I said it.

So this year I will be set up outside
(here's hoping for a sunshiny fall day!)
bringing our line of 
natural lavender laundry and cleaning provisions...

more pumpkins...
I have a few more grain sacks so I can make a few more of these,
I will have them, plus some new wool ones too!
If you live too far away to come out to Jill's,
let me know if you would like one just for you
and I can make that happen too!

plus, for all of you early Christmas shoppers...

too early?

I will be bringing some favorite Christmas pieces,
I know people who are actually almost done shopping for Christmas!
(they are super human I'm sure.)

I will not be jealous.
I will not be jealous.

serious barn love here...

I would love it if you would join us,
wanna know why?

because, even though I love her barns...

it's true.

Thanks so much everyone for stopping by 
and for all of the sweet comments that 
make my day!


Here is the info for the show:
October 13-14
   4410 W. Howe Rd.  Dewitt, MI.
   Saturday  10:00 - 4:00
Sunday 12:00-4:00