Wednesday, November 30, 2011

our new advent calendar...

one of Max's favorites

Hannah's favorites... the H for Hein (or Hannah) and the ballerina

I love the red shoe... thank you Barbie!

and of course baby Jesus... a favorite of all of ours.

My inspiration came from the Junk Drawer Advent Calendar over at 

the first time I saw the one that they made, I just knew that one day I would make one.
Well, that day was actually a few days 
and I didn't even make mine as detailed as theirs is!

I stamped the small tags with a script stamp in red and then stamped
the days onto them, and then I scrounged through all of my doodads to 
find the treasures for the tags.
I tried to make sure that there was a good mixture and that they would 
mean something to all of us.

I wanted our calendar to have pockets of some sort so that I could put treats in them for the kids.
(they would not have been so eager to help me assemble it today if there wasn't going to be treats involved!)
I folded an envelope in half and then I sewed a square of burlap onto the front.
Then I glued the tags on top of the burlap and the twine into the inside corner.

A friend of mine gave me the idea to string the tags onto a large frame,
and when I told Hannah the idea, she thought the chalkboard could be the huge frame.
So we stapled the twine to the sides and tied the tags to it.
We had an assembly line going as I glued, Max sorted and handed me the pockets and tags,
and Hannah cut string and tied them up.
family project for a sick day for the kids.
Hopefully they are good to go to school tomorrow!

We had our first snowfall last night, we only got 2" or so but the
communities around us got hit pretty hard with about 10"!
We were one of the only cities in the area to have school today.

excuse the screen but this is the view from my kitchen window,
I haven't put up curtains in a while and this is why...
it gives me the opportunity to keep an eye on Max when he is back there playing with his buddies!

fa la la...
Theresa xoxo

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Friday, November 25, 2011

blog love weekend sale

from me to you!!!

I have taken the pushing and shoving of the weekend out of the equation for you...
Stop by 
this weekend for these and more Christmas treasures
for you and those special people on your list!

and because you are the special people on MY list
use the coupon code
for an additional 5% from the already 20%
I am offering for my
Black Friday-Cyber Sale Etsy Weekend!

( these are the items that I will be listing today 
so be sure to hop on over throughout the weekend to see them as soon as they appear)

Thank you for your friendship and blog love!

Theresa xoxo

Thursday, November 24, 2011


May your day be full of more blessings
to be thankful for!

Theresa xoxo

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

meet violet...

All of the planets lined up and I was able to collage this morning!
Last night I dyed the ribbon and could not wait to use it on something.
 I laid the gauze over the photo and sewed and sewed,
then I snipped around the photo so she could peek through.

Then as I looked over the table to find something for the bottom of the piece
my eyes wandered over to the wax paper that I used for the ribbon dyeing.
WAALAA  a pocket, I stitched it to a doily that I sprayed with a little
glimmer mist and then I tucked a few special items into the pocket.
A vintage monopoly card-Indiana Avenue, a snippet of receipt paper, 
the definition of lady and a metal V... 
I'm naming her Violet.
A scrap of blue fabric tape measure topped with an old key and a 
silver bird hanging from a little hook that I fashioned from a bit of wire.

WOW that felt good!  

I have also made us a batch of body wash...
thank you Pinterest

So now we have a whole lot of wonderful smelling soap!
I didn't use Mrs. Meyers, I used a vegetable based lavender soap
and then I added a little lavender essential oil to it.
It is marvelous and just look how much money I'm saving!

I just love that part! ;)

So if you too would like to save some of your hard earned dollarinoes
then go check this out!  It really is very easy to make, I promise!

I took a ton of pictures this morning while the sun was shining, of all of the goodness
that I am listing in my etsy tonight. I will be having a Black Friday and Cyber Monday
Extravaganza at The Old White House and I would love it if you stopped by!
Lots of deals to be had... take that Wally World!

One last photo ~
at the show last week I traded with my friend Debby ~ a beautiful poinsettia for a couple of
my Santa ornaments. I'm hoping she will enjoy the ornaments as much as I am enjoying my
beautiful flower!

O.k. back to getting ready for tomorrow...

Have a wonderful night!

Theresa xoxo

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

advent candles...

please excuse the quality of the photos,
it is a very overcast day with the tiniest of snowfall,
but I wanted to share something with you before it gets packed up for the show.

I just knew those wooden boxes that I bought last year at a garage sale 
would come in handy!

One candle for each week of Advent,
not your typical Advent wreath but
I'm not that typical either!

(or at least I like to think I'm not!)

Happy Wednesday... 
I need to get ready for work now, 
gotta see if I can shake all of the glitter off of me!

Theresa xoxo

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Monday, November 14, 2011


joyful heart.

This was the theme of my crafting today.
I really didn't give it any thought,
it just came naturally to me.

lucky me

I'm hoping your heart is also full of joy today!
Theresa xoxo

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