Monday, January 27, 2014

pretty pics to take my mind off of the tax task at hand....

It's that time of year and I am sitting here
going through receipts and boring tax stuff.
So to take my mind away from it for a bit,
I thought I would post some pretty pictures for you and me!

yes, I am procrastinating generous like that.

This was from one of our first shows of last year's season.
Along with gathering tax stuff I have also been
thinking about booth design and upcoming shows.
Plus making some new baubles for said shows.

yes, I realize I'm really really avoiding dreaded boring business stuff,
but look at this shiny object!

I've been playing with Ice Resin again, it's another way to create with mixed media.
This mother of pearl bead pendant has since been given a beautiful strand of 
semiprecious stone and vintage beads,
and as soon as the sun is just right I will take pics of it.

I have even managed to solder a few more shadowboxes!

I have a table full of projects right now.
Many pieces of jewelry on the way to the shop
and then I made these...

Hearts made from a vintage French linen toile tablecloth,
one that has seen many, many years of love.
It was beyond covering the table any longer, but makes 
the most beautiful hearts filled with organic lavender flowers.

given a little love note stamped onto cotton and 
freestitched onto the heart.

I added winter white seam binding attached with
a large vintage button.

These have been listed in the shop...

Well, I should really quit procrastinating and 
commit my full attention to the task at hand.

If I don't put this computer away, chances are that
Pinterest, or facebook, or instagram might call my name, 
and if I hear the call, well then all hope is lost!

Thank you for stopping by,and have a fabulous day!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

to market, to market...

This Saturday we kick off our 2014 season at 
The Detroit Eastern Market!
We will be inside shed 5
and can't wait to go back and visit with our new friends there.

In the traveling art gypsy life, 
seasons  are measured by shows along the way, 
and the  wares that you bring.
 In my suitcase I will have ~

baubles for Valentines Day...

  our new lavender soy candles...

the entire line up of lavender goodness...

shadowbox pendants...

along with these sweet little leather journals...
perfect for writing about the love of your life.

They all make wonderful Valentines gifts for those you love!

Today will be filled with getting the goods
ready to go.  It's the first day back to school
for the kids since Christmas break started!
Lots of snow here, and really cold, so I moved a table
 (that is right now full of bauble makings)
into the living room to work in front of the fireplace and the tv... 
and since they left for school
it will also be the first time that I have watched something just for me while I work.
netflix no longer carries Downton Abbey
so what should I watch?

I hope to see you Saturday,
but if you can't make it and would like any of the above items
just send me a note or visit my website

and I will get you all taken care of!

Have a warm and fabulous day!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

found on Pinterest, 
quote by Neil Gaiman

May 2014 bring you all of these things and more.
love, t.xoxo