Monday, December 16, 2013

snow day, snowed in sale...

We have been getting snow for the last few days,
and it is really gorgeous outside!
Truthfully, I've been watching it through the window,
next to a space heater, 
or in front of the fireplace,
drinking hot chocolate...
I like mine with instant coffee and maybe a peppermint stick.

I fell in love with the hot chocolate bars that were all over blogland last year,
and this year since the buffet was moved from my workroom
back to the dining room, I finally have one for us!
I had one old sled left, after selling one and giving another away,
so I put it on top and added some skates, a scale with small platters
for the cookies that will be added closer to Christmas,
and all the fixings for yummy hot chocolate!
When Hannah walked in the door, 
she instantly asked if she could have a sledding party with her friends,
so that they could see it!
yup, totally worth it!

Max - Keeper of the Flame.
After Cameron moved out, Max took over the roll
of keeping a fire going in the fireplace.
He takes it very seriously,
and knows how happy he makes everyone with his
fire building skills.
so sweet.

As the seasons change, so has our booth...
we have gone from this - all green and sunshiny,

to this... still sunny,  but pretty chilly!
These were taken at the Detroit Eastern Market
where we have been going on Saturdays.
We dress in many layers, and put hand warmers in our boots,
and hang a curtain to block out the wind,
and have a really good time!
The market, like most farmers markets, has a rhythm of it's own... 
you can feel the happiness that it brings people!

This brings me to our sale ~

Duane and I tried to make it to the market this past Saturday,
but the roads were pretty bad.
We got about 30 miles or so and  decided to turn around.
I mean, we have kids to take care of!
On the way home, we thought about our car load
of goods that we made through the week and into Friday night,
and came up with a brilliant plan to have a sale!

Everyday through Friday I will be posting jewelry,
and surprise goodies that are ready to be shipped at a moments notice!
We are also including our 
drum roll please...


This is the bundle that's large enough to share,
or to give your entire home the natural clean of using
time tested cleaning agents along with the beautiful scent 
and antibacterial properties of Lavender!

You get one 16oz. bag of our laundry soap, with a tablespoon wooden scoop,
one dryer sachet, (I will choose the fabric unless specified)
one 8oz. linen & room spray, one 12oz. kitchen & bath cleanser,
and one 16oz. jar of our carpet freshener.

All for $35.00 + shipping
I can fit all of this in a med. flat rate box for $12.35

That's an $8. savings if your were to get them individually,
or a $5. savings from the reg. price.

Our market customers love buying our bundles,
so we made plenty to go around!

here's a sample of the rest of the sachets
that I have in stock right now.

This Snowed in Sale is happening on my 

and on my 

INSTAGRAM - theoldwhitehouse

(that way I can upload faster than listing on etsy, or the website, 
to purchase something you just message me on either site
and I will mark it sold and msg. you about payment)

something special for those that follow me!
Thanks to all of you for doing just that!

Have a blissful day,
 I know mine will be...
 judging from the cheers that I heard from the kids 
when I said those 2 words all kids love to hear -


bring on the sledding and hot chocolate!

Thanks so much for stopping by,

Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving and etsy love...

Good Morning!

I hope everyone had a beautiful Thanksgiving!
 We were able to visit Danielle
and see where she has made her new home in Charleston.  
It was a whirlwind trip, but I loved every minute of it!

We went to the beach, saw dolphins on a harbor tour, Danielle gave the guys
haircuts and straight razor shaves, ate a delicious feast, and
played heads up, laughing at our silly selves...
like I said, a whirlwind vacation that was much needed and enjoyed.
We missed John, but we will ALL be together for Christmas,
so I will be one very happy mom!

While I was away,  the lavender soy candle made it's appearance around etsy...
I am honored to have it included in not one,
 but two wonderful treasuries this past week!  

I thought I would share them with you,  just in time for Christmas shopping :)

'Stay At Home. ' by riabokaite

TWO cloud mobiles black and...

Charcoal Buckskin Leather Al...

2-2 Mirror and Brown Stick M...

Vintage Olivetti Lettera DL ...

CANVAS Dog Bed Cover - Machi...

Linen Decorative pillow, 100...

french lavender essential oi...

Cozy Mug Sweater, Choose you...

Felted Acorns Set of 60 Ombr...

Felt slipper loafers beige b...

Light Brown Asymmetric Sweat...

Leather journal leather note...

Mid Century Crochet knitting...

Feather and Rain photograph ...

Painted Mason Jars, Black Ma...

White Winter Tree Black Duve...

'Gifts of Nature' by susanmciver

So many to choose from! This treasury is chock full of gifts of nature....Enjoy!

Dried Thistle Echinops Green...

DRIFTWOOD Soap Dish with an ...

Dried Lavender Bouquet with...

4 Pure BEESWAX Votives - Far...

Dried flower wreath, dried h...

Homemade Christmas, Organic ...

Red Cedar and Lavender Sache...

Pine Forest Botanical Cologn...

Autumn Garland of Dried Frui...

Organic Bird Seed Cakes, Spi...

french lavender essential oi...

Acorn Christmas ornaments fo...

Pine cones snowflake Ornamen...

Driftwood Natural Christmas ...

Natural Christmas Ornaments ...

Raw Amethyst Crystals - Home...

Thank you to both Greta and Susan
for including my new lavender soy candle in your 
gorgeous treasuries!

You can find all this and more on etsy,

 and the candles and more lavender goodness for your home at:

Thanks so much for stopping by!