Thursday, September 27, 2012

fall has arrived...

The proof is in the chillier nights and mornings.
The colors haven't changed yet,
but mind you,

 fall has arrived!

I would like to tell you that my home is all decorated for the season,
like in years past, but that would be a fib.
Upon looking for a photo, I came across some from that last couple
of years and thought I would make a collage so that I would
get my butt in gear and maybe add some pumpkins to the porch,
maybe take the scarecrows out of the barn and put them in the front yard.


I will take a cue from this pumpkin that I made yesterday
and keep it simple this year.


Today will be more pandora;
Etta James, Ray Charles, Adelle, Norah Jones, Ingrid Michaelson,
James Taylor, Cat Stevens, anything old and bluesy.
A little chai tea, 
blueberry cake from a sweet friend,
and more pumpkin making.
(oh and throw in some grocery getting too.)

This is what happens after a day full of the above,
I go into creative overload
and before you know it
I am adding old photos and charms to a simple gray pumpkin.

(tell me you understand, o.k.?)

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Art Prize is back!

Our booth changes with every show.  
When I suggested to Duane that we start taking the china cabinet with us,
the look on his face said it all.
It only took a little persuasion for him to 'see' the vision.
I don't think it's coming back into the house any time soon!
Plus we have the sweetest friends,
Denise and Don found this fabulous old, huge ironing board
at a garage sale and not only picked it up for us but
fixed it up to make it sturdy again!
Thanks again you two... you are awesome!

So where are we next?
Last year I told you about Art Prize in Grand Rapids,
here are some photos that I took to give you a small idea of 
the fabulousness of Art Prize...

this is made with paper pulp!

incredible mosaic detail for her skirt...

cowboy...nuff said ;)

needle felted by design students...

so what does any of this have to do with us?

The Old White House will be vendors at 
Art -2- Art
I am giddy,
I tell you!

We will be there every day from Oct.1-6
from 12pm until 10pm
don't have it all figured out on how we will pull that off,
but I think with all of the entertainment
that they have planned in the space we will be having so much fun
that the hours will fly by!
They are having a vaudeville/circus theme,
with live acts on every floor every day all day!
We will be on the second floor with
music and other entertainment every night from 6-10.


can you blame me?
The booth will be full of our natural laundry and cleaning provisions
plus new pumpkins, lots of new pumpkins!

(this one is sold but I have a few grain sacks left...)

I hope you can make it!
Art Prize is an amazing collection
of super talented artists from around the world,
all competing for the grand prize of 
get to vote for the winner!

I will tell you, it's a difficult task to find
just one winner though, 
the talent is over the top!

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

barn door meets desk drawers...

You know that cleaning isn't really cleaning to me unless I can rearrange something ~ 
or even better... 

make something!

meet my new favorite piece in the whole house!

it's barn door meets desk drawers!

I have had the barn door all summer, 
I got it from Nancy's sale,
Thank you Nancy!!
it's huge, 7 1/2 feet long
(sadly, mostly leaned up against a tree in the back yard)
and then a few weeks ago while running errands,
I popped into a garage sale and found the two desk pieces.
The man sold them for both, the top was no where to be found,
but that was o.k. I already knew that I had the PERFECT top!
are you ready for this?
The whole piece was only $30.00 to make!

Doing something nice for my house felt sooooo good,
that I decided to continue and actually clean it!
Oh my gosh, it has been ignored all summer but you know how it goes,
as soon as inspiration hits, you grab it!
I love the new shelves in the kitchen also,
they add that industrial look that I love.

I'm hoping that the sun will cooperate soon and I can take some non-blurry pics.
but I couldn't wait...
I was just too excited to show all of you my new barn door counter!

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

spinning in circles...

I am so loving the process of making pumpkins again!
Rosettes and bling and real stems and ohhhhhh
I have so many trinkets and flowers on my table right now!

I'm taking some cinnamon pumpkins to the shows too!

Our laundry and cleaning provisions are just as rewarding to make,
the stamps on the sachets have been my creative outlet for awhile,
and our home smells heavenly!

So where are we headed with all of our goods?

Tomorrow we will be right here on the Capital Lawn for the
annual fall farmers market!  Come see us at booth C19!
We are in the row closest to the building and on the right of this photo...
I am so excited!!!

Then, this weekend we will be here....

Uncle John's Cider Mill!  
I took this photo a couple of years ago when we went 
here for Max's birthday celebration with the family.

On Saturday we are also going to be at Hudsonville for the
Septemberfest Arts and Crafts Festival!
How are we going to be at all of these places, you ask?
We are forming two teams of Heins!

Will there be a little friendly competition going on, you ask?
...but of course!

Don't forget that on Sunday we will also be two places,
we will still be at Uncle John's,
and at one of the last Sundays for 
Fulton Street Artisans Market!
You can visit their page on facebook... 
Sarah went around and took lots of pictures of the booths
last Sunday and posted them to the page.
Thanks Sarah!

Gotta get back to the sewing machine!

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

early fall harvest...

part of today's bumper crop...

the vintage grainsack variety is my fave...

remember the fabulous script burlap I found a while back?
well I came across it in my search for pumpkin making supplies...

vintage barkcloth with fabric flower...

mamma and baby striped variety...

We are getting ready for 3 shows this week plus our market days
so I harvested a crop of early bird pumpkins!

I am hoping to list a few on etsy very soon,
stay tuned or feel free to let me know if you see one
you just gotta have!!

I hope you are all having a fabulous week!


Friday, September 7, 2012

winner winner chicken dinner...

everyone needs a helper as cute as mine, don't they?

(lil miss red neck!)
Thanks everyone for playing along!


o.k. now back to your regularly scheduled program...
and for me, back to the sewing machine!
Tomorrow we are in Grand Rapids for the 
Garfield Park Show
and then Sunday we are back at the 
Fulton St. Artisans Market.
I really need to bring my camera there
so that all of you can see the amazing talent that is there every Sunday until
the end of the month.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

flowers under glass...

What will you do for the ones you love?

These are the lengths that I will go to, to be able to have a bouquet of flowers
in the house since Oliver showed up on the scene.
I have to put them under glass so that he doesn't think 
that I brought a new play toy into the house for him.
I think it's a win-win.
O.K. maybe it's an I-win.
(sometimes I gotta win, it's only fair!)

I also wanted to show you a couple of the new hanging sachets that I have
been making for the shows.  A new way to use some of the wool scraps and
the last of my vintage trophy ribbons.
All filled with organic lavender...
a tiny piece of lavender art.

Remember, tomorrow is the day I draw a name from the hat for the giveaway.
If you haven't entered, then go here
and throw your name my way...
just like the lotto,
you can't win if you don't play!

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