Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween @ 612

Halloween is such a whirlwind of activity here at 612... the activities started on Friday night with Danielle going to a Halloween party down at Johns house. She created this awesome Queen of Hearts costume and helped design her friend's (another Danielle) indian princess costume too. She is a creative genius! I love how the roses started out white and then get red, she kept singing 'we're painting the roses red!' too funny!
Hannah decided to be a 'lost girl' for halloween this year, we all love Peter Pan at our house! So she was a skunk, and as far as I'm concerned she is the cutest skunk ever! We did a spin on Danielle's Queen of Hearts costume and I made her a tutu (today) and then stitched the white stripe down the back of a hooded sweatshirt and tucked the hood inside. I only whip-stitched the stripe so she can easily remove it and wear the sweatshirt again. It's a twofer!
She loved it, can you tell? ;)
Danielle did her hair and make-up... so stinkin cute, pardon the pun!
Cam dressed up twice, once with his girlfriend as a figure skating pair, him and I glued all of the sequins and rhinestones on his 'outfit' yesterday. Oh my gosh I was cracking up, he is hilarious! Such a good sport, agreeing to this costume, but then Cam will do pretty much anything to get people to laugh :O
On Friday he went with the Danielles to John's party. Max was an 'army' guy for his school parade and party (tonight he was a ninja-way too easy and kind of boring but I couldn't talk him into anything else. I didn't realize that the only pics I took of him included his little friends and I wasn't sure if their parents would want their pics on here so nothing to share, imagine a little boy in a black sweat suit with a black mask and swords) Cam is wearing Max's costume from two years ago when he was a swamp monster. The best part is I made a version of this same costume quite a few years ago when Cam was 7 and he loved it so much that he convinced Max to be one too! Then when he was trying to come up with what to wear to the party and when he saw Max's make-up he decided to go as the swamp monster. For some reason he cold not get that make-up to stay on his nose! Like I said he will do anything for a laugh!
So as you can see, life around here has been pretty hectic, but a good hectic, these guys have kept my sewing machine and glue gun busy... and I loved it! I hope your trick or treating was full of treats! Max and Hannah just finished sorting and swaping all of their candy and gave me my favorites... almond joy and a dark chocolate milky way, yum!
Thanks for stopping by! Theresa xoxo

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Do you know Amy?

Do you all know Amy over @ Mittens? Well if you don't, then you need to hop on over there right away and see the creativity she shares on a regular basis! She is generous as well, and some time back... really back... she had a book cover party and she had a giveaway to go along with the party for those of us who participated. I won one of her prizes and this is the perfect week to show you all of the goodness inside that adorable trick or treat bag.
First of all this adorable little pillow will be staying out long after Halloween because these little ones are carrying candles to bed not too scary right?
They are now being held by the doll I made quite awhile ago when I used to do primitive crafts, the pillow actually inspired me to bring down the doll and put him in a little folding chair I found this summer. The perfect fit for one another don't ya think? My neighbors granddaughter came over one day and that is the first thing she picked up in the house to play with, she dragged it everywhere, it was so cute.
These are the surprises tucked inside the bag! I know right? Sooooo Cool, I haven't really bought much to decorate for Halloween, I didn't really need to thanks to Amy! Everything is just fabulous and full of her creatively genius touch! I have the little tag with the baby on it hanging from the silver bucket that is holding a gorgeous gray/green pumpkin...
this tag is hanging from a candelabra with black candles in the living room...
This very cool box with 612 (thanks Amy, your the best) on it sits on the mantel in the dining room. I love how she used a little sword for the one but Max thinks that is extra cool!...
and this Bingo card is decorating a portrait of a man that I glued a mask and hat onto. Yep I just hot glued the black wool hat and a mask like lone ranger right to the glass, instant Halloween! I hung him on the front porch. I will take more photos when the wind isn't threatening to blow me away! It is a blustery day Pooh Bear!

Thanks for all of my goodies Amy!!!! Tonight we make Hannah's costume while we watch the season finale of Project Runway, I love that show! Guess who else does? AMY! Stop on over to Mittens and tell her I said Hi!

***breaking news*** this just in*** today is only Wednesday****
I was a day ahead of myself, Duane just reminded me that today is only Wednesday, stay tuned for Project Runway tomorrow night! LOL!!!

****more breaking news**** Jan has started Boardwalk Bragfest again!! WOOHOO!!! so I'm linking up to join in the fun! Hop on over there and see who else joined in the fun!
also it's White Wednesday people... go see all the fab stuff everyone is sharing! Thanks Jan and Kathy! ******

also I wanted to remind all of you that I stayed true to my word... there was not a single pumpkin made by me anywhere to be found in this post, but next time I can't promise that I won't sneak one in!!!

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

White Rosettes for White Wednesday...

And a sweet little silver bird to go with them...
Grain sack rosettes with a perfectly tarnished silver bird from a vintage salt and pepper set with nubby creamy wool leaves sitting on...
the mother of all pumpkins! Truly, I wanted to share something besides another pumpkin today for White Wednesday but my little world has been full of little else! (you should see the dining room table, and if you do, let me know which spot you cleared off!) this is how my brain works, I find something I love making and then I consider what other materials can be used to make more, so as not to get bored making said thing. I try to make every one of them differently by adding a little twist here and there that way I still enjoy the process.
I love that this old grain sack says Oct.1938 on it, perfect for the season don't ya think? :)
The new harvest. I'm linking this up to Kathleen's party over at Faded Charm, come on over and join in the fun, the inspiration from the attendees will blow you away! I'm also linking this up to a great party over @ Debras... The Vintage Inspiration Party! So much inspiration here in Blog Land... it's really amazing to me, the wealth of creativity is fabulous!!

Guess what... today is my one year blogiversary! I cannot believe it! I was really intimidated by the whole idea at first, and now one year later I am so glad I jumped in. I have 'met' some amazing people here and you have all enriched my life beyond measure. I wish I could thank you all personally, but until someone around here wins the lottery and/or becomes a pilot I will just have to send you all hugs from cyberspace! I want to do a little giveaway but I want it to be special and not forced. (which given the whole pumpkin thing it would be... seriously these people here @ 612 have me tied to a chair at the table with a can of wool and stuffing near by, only letting me up to make them food) (send help) :O So I will put my little thinking cap on and come up with something and surprise you all! Mostly I am only telling you about the date because I wanted to tell you all how special you are to me and how happy I am to have you here.

Thanks for stopping by! Theresa xoxo

p.s. I promise the next post will not have a pumpkin amywhere in sight! xoxo


Monday, October 18, 2010


Wow I hope your weekend was as wonderful as mine was! I had every one of my kids home and we spent Saturday at the apple orchard. It was both picturesque and over-commercialized but I relished every moment! How could I not? I was with my favorite people in the whole world...
Cider and doughnuts...
and fruit flinging! I love the concentration on Cams face, he always did that when he was coloring pictures too :)
All of my kids are funny, make me snort laugh funny and well Danielle was really humoring me by posing in front of the restroom sign... the lady doing the pee dance was too funny! And why was the weekend extra special with everyone home?
Because Max turned 8! He was quite surprised when his cousins showed up (I told him a little fib and said that they weren't going to be able to.) Don't judge...these are the cousins that if I told him on Mon. that they might be able to come over on Fri. than I would have 4 of the longest days ever with a million questions and on and on. So my brother actually does the same thing on his end, just trying to live a peaceful life people!
Max loves guns.I mean LOVES them, him and his buddies play army every chance they get. I have tried to talk him out of it but to no avail. So he got nerf paintball and Cam is giving him a lesson on paintball safety. After that lesson he tried to convince him to be a moving target! He is a great big brother I promise! But a big brother in all respects, and that means a little teasing too!
Today was spent at the work table again and tomorrow I will be taking pictures of all of the goodies. Thanks again for all of the support and wonderful feedback about the pumpkin patch, they are selling as fast as I can list them and so I will be replenishing the store tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by, Theresa xoxo

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Is 612 really a farm now?

Good Morning! Just stopping by to say a quick hello and thank everyone for their sweet comments about the pumpkin patch! I have been having a great time making them and on the side started making my wax Tom Turkeys... my house smells fabulous!! I have always made Santas and lambs and this week I found this amazing mold so now I have added turkeys to the bunch. You can find the molds at Walmart, I just melt down a huge candle and let it set up on its own, sometimes I rub them with cinnamon for more heavenly scent. Easy Peasy but if you don't want to invest in the goods to make them well I just listed them and some more pumpkins in the etsy store. More cuffs on the way too! So no, not a farm exactly... but my kids wished it was!

This has to be short, I need to wake Max up for school, we are going on a field trip to a wonderful nature center near by... I hope the rain holds off!

Thanks for stopping by and for always being so encouraging! Theresa xoxo

Friday, October 8, 2010

My version of a pumpkin patch...

I hope your not sick of seeing the pumpkins yet, cuz OH MY GOODNESS I have been having fun making some for a local store...
They are so fun to make, seriously fun :) and they are even more fun to decorate! I was on a roll and completed all of these in between work, kids and making dinners. Unfortunately I cannot in good conscience add cleaning the house in there because I did not, and I make a huge mess when I am creating, so my dining room table is covered in wool and doodads and so is the work room, the kitchen table is full of a sewing machine and all that goes with it. So tonight I need to clean up and then...
you guessed it, make more pumpkins! Now I need to make them for their second store! WOO HOO! I hope they sell, the owner seemed to like them, I hope her customers do! I hope to get some finished for etsy too, gotta fill the shop!
Still on the rosette kick too...
This one is loaded with vintage millinery and a cool bird pendant, and it is huge, I made it with the body of the sweater.
An all white grouping, I made a couple with vintage tinsel, love the white and tarnished tinsel together, perfect for the upcoming holidays.
There are so many ways to decorate them, but ofcourse my favorite way is with vintage BLING!!! It's vintage, it's jewels, whats not to love? ;o

So putting on my cleaning music now and gonna try to find the top of the tables and maybe even the floor! wish me luck!!

I am linking up to a couple of wonderful parties so get your party hats on and come along for the ride... Debra @ Common Ground is having her vintage inspiration friday party combined with a fall porch party only a true partier can handle 2 parties at one time!!! Thanks Debra!
Also Cindy from Whimsical Musings is holding her Creative Spirit Challenge, come be inspired by all of your fellow bloggettes!
Also @ Tea Rose Home for her weekly link love party, thank you Sachiko!
If you would like to make your own pumpkin patch scroll down a couple of posts where I posted the blog that has the tutorial.

Thanks for stopping by the pumpkin patch! Theresa xoxo

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

You can call me Mr. Crazy Eyes!

They call me Mr. Crazy Eyes! The other day we went for a little drive to a small alpaca farm down the country road that we used to live on. Max was sitting in the back seat as we were driving by the 'old road' and He said "remember that cool farm that was by our old house, I wonder if they have any new babies"... that was all it took for me to spin around ( a little starsky and hutch action) and go down the street. They are so much fun to watch! The people who own the farm are shearers and travel all over the state taking care of other peoples alpacas.
Seriously, too cute! But his eyes were just a little on the FREAKY side! They were a brilliant blue and the pupils were rectangles going sideways. crazy eyes! Let me warn you right now though he is not the funniest picture on this post. are you ready?...
Joe Camel reborn! This mop top was hilarious! I took a crazy amount of pics of him. he just cracked me up! Then when I was looking through the pics I took, I saw this one and squealed, couldn't contain myself, snort laughed! he still makes me laugh everytime I see it. too funny!
Now this is the real reason I was posting tonight. 2 nights ago Duane and I were leaving for our walk, I spotted these by the road just 3 doors down from our house. OMG!!! Right??? This house does this on a regular basis, I think they clean out the garage just a few items at a time. Well it took less than a second for me to grab one and another couple of seconds to convince Duane to grab the other. Can you believe it?
I just had to put the grain sack pumpkin on the chair, cuz well you know it has been all around the house and yard, cuz well... I love it! We also grabbed an old sprinkler that is I think brass and on brass wheels, my neighbor informed me that it was the kind that traveled back toward the spicket. Ofcourse, I know nothing of these things and he does like to tease me a little so who knows if its true. We just took it because it looked pretty cool. I will take a pic soon and someone can tell me if I've been duped by Don ;o

So that's my show and tell for this White Wednesday. Thank you Kathleen for the great party! Making more pumpkins tonight, and even found a few new (old) sweaters to add to the pile!

Thanks for stopping by, Theresa xoxo

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pumpkin Crazy!

Happy Sunshiney Sunday! I wanted to pass this tutorial on to all of you who have scraps of wool, sweaters, maybe even a burlap bag or grain sack on hand...
they are way too much fun to make and are going to help me in my "I haven't made anything new for autumn" dilemma! The tutorial is genius, I have made wool pumpkins before but these are so cute and well get this... no sewing!

Can you believe it? Really, unless you need to make your own tube shape - meaning you are not using a sweater sleeve or bag - well then it's rubberbands and string. crazy.
Ofcourse I started with the sweater sleeve like the tutorial shows but then well, one thing leads to another and I catch a glimpse of a grain sack out of the corner of my eye and well, I can't help myself from making one out of that too :o
This is the first one I did, a cable sleeve with the stem wrapped in green and pompoms.
I googled pumpkin leaves and found a great green sweater to make leaves out of and then added a little bling.
This one is a pretty small one, the sweater was felted pretty small but it's just too adorable!
So get on over to Hummadeedledee and see for yourself, some of you may already know Deb, as for me I just came across her blog because of these pumpkins and well I'm so glad I did! I sat staring at my computer screen for quite a while in total awe of her talents. AMAZING! Then I got busy making pumpkins! So for some inspiration and some fun... check her out and make some pumpkins!

Thanks for stopping by, Theresa xoxo

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Is it really autumn already?

This is sad... really sad... I have not even started to decorate for autumn. Not that there isn't a wealth of inspiration in blogland but I have been crazy making new things and really except for this new harvest banner I only have things in stages of being finished. I will tell you, I don't know how you all sew your burlap without cursing up a blue streak! But maybe you do and we just can't hear you ;o This stuff shreds so easy, I stamped on muslin so that it won't come apart before someone could hang it up. Now mind you, I am a glutten for punishment... I have made pillows and things with it before but I always say never again, then apparently I forget and try it once more. I do really like how the banner turned out, don't get me wrong, I just find it difficult to work with. Kudos to you Sissie, yours always turn out beautifully, you must have the patience of a saint!
So because I have not decorated yet, I'm bringing back pics from last year... pathetic I know. We haven't even been to the farm to get our pumpkins to be able to do this fab topiary. Maybe we can go this week. The young man who runs the farm where we go prides himself on planting heirloom vegies and unusual pumpkins. I love to visit there, or visit them at the farmers market, although I really didn't even get there this summer as often as I have in the past.
I make one of these every year. I love them. I buy a huge white pumpkin, this one is a little more green/gray than in the past but then I freehand a large H on it and put it on the side porch. This one is wrapped in a leaf garland but in the past I have also used fresh bittersweet which I love.
O.k. back to the work table, I hope to have some more new goodies to show you this week. It's a pretty quiet day around here, kinda dreary and that means we are all laying low. Which translates into me being able to create stuff and nobody really caring what I'm up to. Max has already made Danielle a fab picture and is diggin in the fabric bin to find some wool to make her a flower because well he knows how to sew you know! I'm just repeating what he told me when I asked him if he wanted some help... "no thanks I know how to sew you know."
Thanks everyone for your inquiries about Mr. Nuts the squirrel... unfortuantely I have bad news. He didn't make it through the night, we are sure he must have had internal injuries and that is why he was letting the kids cuddle him. Hannah was pretty sad when she checked on him in the morning but I tried to console her and told her that they gave him a very nice last day on earth full of love and kindness . When I pulled into the yard with Max on Wed. after school she was already digging the grave and then they held a little funeral service for him. I really wished I would have had my camera out there to show them all huddled in a group hug as they said good- by to Nuts. Another life lesson here at 612, hopefully the next lesson is a bit more cheerful!

Thanks for stopping by! Theresa xoxo