Wednesday, March 31, 2010

White Wednesday!

Happy White Wednesday Everyone! So I walked around the house to find some 'white goodness' to show you and then realized that I really need to dust more often ;) Seriously, as soon as the camera is out I start dusting and blowing away (yes sometimes you can get rid of dust with a simple exhale... tip from T. not Martha!!!) SO ANYWAY... Here's a new egg for the season and put under this simple cloche nestled in the wonderful paper shreds that my rosette from Jill came in... two gifts in one! I love old hanky boxes, these are pretty delicate but still so pretty.
This is upstairs in our bedroom, which brings me to another thing blogging has done for me... wanting to redo every room in our house! This one is long over due so hopefully this summer. It has these green walls and carpet to match. ugh. so for now I can only show little vignettes of it.

This next pic is for Jennifer... she wanted to see the wall where the wreath hangs. Since we live in an old victorian there really aren't too many large walls for art, they are all split up with doors or windows so this takes up most of this wall. And the red chair, I haven't been able to get myself to get rid of it so for now it sits in front of one of the 3 doors to Cams bedroom. I really have been trying to pare down but somehow the hoarder in me keeps sticking around!

I like to hang vintage pearls on lampshades when they are too delicate to wear. Super easy way to dress up a lampshade don't cha think? The photo on the book is of my mom and her parents when she was about 13 or so. I put it on a piece of ironstone but I really don't know what it's original purpose was, it has a hole in the center of it. I found a few at a sale and swooped them up.

Here's a wider shot of the table they are sitting on. Not so sure I like the wide shot though it makes the table look more bare than it really is, or is that the hoarding decorator in me trying to escape? ... .More room for at least one more item.....

It is beautiful outside today so I'm headed out there to clean porches and rake gardens, I'm really excited to spruce things up out there. Why just today I took down the last evergreen garland from Christmas. no lie. really. I can't believe I even told you that. See how comfortable with you I am?
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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday and a trip around the house...

This bunny is one of many I've made over the last few years. It's very simple really, but I don't have step by step pictures this time because I haven't made one this year :( so I'll just have to walk you through it... I took a small sticker to kinkos and had them blow it up and copy it on good paper - not cardstock- too thick (you could do this with a free graphic from one of our generous graphic blogs...) I cut out the rabbit, leaving a small bit of edge, then I sewed it to a piece of scrapbook paper that I thought went well with the rabbit. You could also use fabritac or a similar strong bonding glue and run a very thin bead of it around the edge of the rabbit and skip the sewing. I then filled him with stuffing and glued a bottom made of coordinating paper to him. I glued reindeer moss to the silver dish and then glued him to the moss using hot glue. Really easy peasy I promise, but if you have any questions I'd be glad to help! I made this with one of Karens graphics and added the sweetest silver bird ever!
Sorry this didn't come out as good as I would have liked but it is one of my favorite Easter decorations! I love this print in it's chippy black frame.

This picture is one of the few things that I picked up at our local flea market last month. There really wasn't much there but when I saw this my heart did a little leap:)

This man is by far one of my favorite finds ever. I just love him he looks all serious but he has such a sweetness to his face. I love that he is holding his beloved hat. I dare say that he is one of the few treasures that I have brought home that everyone likes! How about that! LOL

This piece is huge! I made it out of an old atlas and used almost every page to do it! Even the center -The World About US- is from the book. I only wish I would have made sure all of the points were pointing in the same direction... oh well, live and learn!

Well, that's it for today... 2 posts in one day! Wow, that's kinda crazy! And with tomorrow being White Wednesday well, I'll be back soon! So tonight I'll have to look around here to see what white goodness I have to share with you!
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Thank you Jill!! I love it!! I recently won one of Jills giveaways over at Gypsy Brocante! Isn't this rosette fabulous? I think it is just the thing this bag needed to give it a little spring makeover! The greens in the rosette match the bag perfectly and the vivid colors give it the wake-up call it needed!
I'm planning another post for later but I really wanted to thank Jill for my pretty!
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Sunday, March 28, 2010

New pillow thanks the Karens ongoing generosity...

Here's a new project I've been wanting to try for a while now. I bought some inkjet iron on paper and copied one of Karens' beautiful bird graphics. This one is a nightingale and although I forgot to flip it (oops) I remedied that with the dingy balls...pompoms to most everyone else out there but I've called them dingy balls since the first time I found them and applied them to the bottom of my ELEPHANT BELL BOTTOMS...does anyone out there remember these FABULOUS pants? Can you even imagine how cool I looked with enormous bellbottoms swingin dingy balls around? :) I am SO dating myself!!! Ok back to the project at hand... it was actually pretty easy, I just copied the pic on the paper and the ironed it on. The part that took the longest was pinning the trim around the photo and the pillow. I do wish that I could get the shiny or glossy look off of the photo though so if anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear them! See this chair? We call it the Mary Tyler Moore chair, white vinyl, with the 60's vibe to it. It's actually Danielles but she's back home for a bit so I found a place for it in the dining room corner. And the pillow fits it perfectly!
Well I guess that's it for now, our campus visit went really well, Hannah had a great time in Chicago and today was a quiet birthday for Cam. We will celebrate as a family when we are all back together.
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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another sure sign of spring...

It's baseball season and that is a HUGE deal here at the Hein house! Duane is the president of the little league baseball organization in town, Cam umpires in the league, Hannah will sell consessions and this is Maxs' first year to play. D. has coached both of our older sons when they played and will coach Maxs' team this year, he has not coached for a few years now and is really looking forward to it... as am I! This is a shot of them playing catch in the yard last weekend... can you see the 'glove in the dirt' action going on here? Here is another pic of the first sure signs of spring... a little boy covered in dirt and grass stains!! Seriously how cute is that face? :) He loved posing for the pic to show just how dirty he was! lol!
My kids always play the 'guess what' game with me, not so much a game as just the way they love to start a great story about their day. Today I thought I'd play it with you, So guess what... I won one of the prizes from Janis' giveaway over at Junk Dreams! Aren't these both lovely? Hannah went crazy over the matchbook with the Eiffel Tower on it and I went crazy over all of it! Janis put a wonderfully smelly tealite in the votive... Thank you Janis!
What a treat to see a special package in the mail!
That's it for now... I have a busy day of running errands, Duane has to go out of town for the weekend and it's Cams 18th birthday on Sunday and on Saturday Cam and I are going to visit EMU to see if that is in fact where he will attend next year! I am looking forward to one on one time with him but we will miss having his dads input on the school. Plus it will be two huge milestones in one weekend so I'm asking God for strength so I don't crumble as I think of him all grown up and moving out. (this is me giving you all a heads up that come Aug. when he is going off to school I'll probably be a basket case) Until then though I'll just take deep breaths and continue to be proud of the young man that he is. Ok I need to stop this or I'll have to reapply my mascara :)
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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

White Wednesday!!

Good Morning! This is my spring... a beautiful plant (that I have managed to keep alive for a week now!) in front of a window full of sunshine! YAY SPRING! The snow is gone and I can see all of the hyacinths and tulips that I planted 2 years ago poking through the ground. Last year was an ok year for them so I'm hoping that this year they fill in more. I LOVE SPRING!! I had this crown 1/2 done hanging on the wall for awhile now and when D. gave me the sign with the same saying for Christmas I new what I wanted this to say. Whatever is noble, right, pure, lovely... think on these things. Phil. 4:8 I thought that was truly appropriate for the crowns base. And ofcourse, gotta love the mercury glass bird!
Before I hear... Hey that's from her last post! Teacher, Theresas CHEATING!!! I had to show you the egg with a little primrose in it on the mantel for Easter. Isn't that better? Fake Flowers be Gone!!! :)

There, now there's a little spring in the dining room too!!

I actually had another post started but my computer wouldn't cooperate last night and then this morning I realized it was Wednesday and you know what that means... White Wednesday hosted by Kathleen at Faded Charm! Thank you Kathleen! You won't want to miss out on this so look around your house, I gotta believe you got SOMETHING white in there, and join the party!! Or just go on over and see the beautiful posts that everyone shares for WW.
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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Easter Egg Vase... the tutorial

I have had these paper mache eggs since last year and never got around to using them (wow I say that alot!) apparently having a blog has also helped me get the motivation I need to get things done...yay blog! Not really liking the fake flowers in the egg but I wanted to get this posted so imagine a little bouquet of fresh spring flowers or a small primrose. yeah, that sounds just right.

See this is the egg/vase without the fakes. If I put the plant or bouquet in it then I will put a small plastic cup inside so as not to get the paper mache egg wet.

Soooo here's a little (well kinda lengthy actually) tutorial so you to can have one of these gracing your Easter table! Here's a close up of of the burlap rosette that adorned with a vintage earring.

You probably all know how to do this by now but just in case... fold a 12" length of burlap in half that has been cut 2" and baste stitch it with pretty good size stitches.

and pull. I then stitch a few times in the back to secure the rosette. You can set this aside and start on the egg. Or you can do like I actually did and do the egg first and try to figure out what to use to decorate it!! A silk ribbon or even twine wrapped around the egg over and over would be cool.

This is the egg I used... it is about 7" tall and 14" around at it's widest part. Really you could even use it for a candy dish it's so big.

I cut off the top with scissors and then just cut down into points all around to get the cracked egg shape.

I then painted the inside and outside of the egg with off-white craft paint.

Then I started ripping lots of pieces from the pages of an old dictionary to decoupage onto the outside of the egg. Any old book would work well here, or even scrapbook paper if you want color. I just like the graphic look of using book pages. I love the written word and use it whenever I can... after the paper was dry I reglued the entire piece and sprinkled glass glitter all over the egg. LOve the SpArKle!

I cut a 1" wide piece of the burlap to wrap around the egg and then glued my rosette on top of it where the ends came together. To decorate the urn I squeezed a good amount of fabritac (my glue of choice for all the parts that I had to adhere together) around the rim of my urn and pushed reindeer moss around the rim. you can get reindeer moss at any craft store and I love it because it will stay green.

Here's a (blurry) pic of the urn with all of the moss glued down.

Another view of the urn just waiting to hold the egg...

I printed off this french tag from Heidi @ Shabby chic papirskatter. Heidi has some really great images for us to use so if you haven't visited her yet you really should! I have no idea what it says but I thought it was beautiful so I distressed the edges and glued it to a tag. I took of the hole protector from another tag so this one could have it. Then just tied it around the base of the urn. Really look at those graphics aren't they amazing! Love the crown!!!

Ok this was soooooo long that I thought I'd remind you of what I made ;) so here's another look at the finished product. Again I am going to put better flowers in here so maybe you'll see this again soon!

Wow I don't do tutorials very often (or ever) so I hope this was clear so you can all give it a try if you like. 

Usually I am flying by the seat of my pants when it comes to making anything so this is completely foreign to me:)
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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

White Wednesday!

For quite a few years my sister Molly and I did craft shows and we made primitive crafts. I still have a soft spot for them, probably because we had so much fun doing the shows, and have a few of them still stashed away and I like mixing them is with the glittered stuff. After we did shows for a while I sold my things to a prim store close to home. I made these eggs out of vintage aprons and curtain panels that were more cutters than anything else.

When I started pulling out spring goodies, I came across these and in one fell swoop pulled the pine out of my swan and replaced them with a few grungy Easter Eggs. I think the swan is going to remain on the porch this summer so as to save her from anymore weather damage. She'll get a little plant come warmer weather. I am so excited to show you this next pic. I bought this bucket of sorts (D. thinks maybe it's a smelting bucket and I actually bought 2 of them) last summer and have been racking my lil brain over what to do with them...

Well, TA DA! A new/old rusty, crusty and flaky white chandi! I love how it turned out, the girls love how it turned out and D. said, "I don't get it" it's ok I knew he wouldn't... Right now it's been moved a couple of places in the house to see where it will reside. I was thinking if I have enough of the crystals to do the other one the same and then hang them on either side of our bed... but first D. will have to be fast asleep while I hang them over him :) I made the cord cover out of cheesecloth and used fabritac instead of sewing one. instant gratification, that's me.

I found these numbers at Michaels and painted them black, and then using tiny nails and liquid nails I hung them on our front door. This was super fast and necessary as I still hadn't rehung our house numbers since we painted last summer.

Now for a pretty wreath on the door and I'm ready for spring! The sun is shining today, I am without a sweater:) that is a really big deal because I am usually in about 4 layers everyday! There are so many participants with great inspiring blogs at the party so make sure you go over and say hello... thanks to Kathleen for throwing this fun party!
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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Silver Sunday!!

I've been putting together a few assemblages of things that are both purposeful and I think beautiful. This little broom for instance is so pretty to me. All of the different shades of tan and brown bristles held tightly by a fabulous silver handle. I have loved it for a while now and bought it to create something with it and today was the day!

It's kind of grey outside and damp and those are great days for me to stay at my table and create. Maybe something to do with the melancholy mood the grey brings brought me to this way of creating today. simple assemblages without lots of fuss, just focusing on the objects at hand.

It's quiet around here today.The kids are playing in their rooms and D. just came home from the office. Him and Cam are going to the movies in just a bit, I am in such a artful mood that I declined and will continue to create. That's actually nice for them as then they get some alone time and that will all change soon enough when Cam goes to school next year.

Really how gorgeous is that broom? And who says that outloud? :) If my family heard me go on about the beauty of a petite broom they would laugh uncontrollably! and shake their heads. and shrug their shoulders. and yes, maybe worry a little. so no telling ok?

This next one did get a little fussier. crepe paper ruffle and all! The picture of these girls is one of my favorites. They look so determined and strong. I love that. I bought this from Lisas altered art on etsy, she has some great photos to use in your artwork.

This one is framed with a rhinestone belt buckle and then ruffled-up with pink crepe paper and topped with a glittered bird.

Everything has been 'aged' so as to match the cool silver tray that it is assembled on. The tray is really simple and so is a good contrast to the fancy schmancy ruffle. ;)

This next one is another pretty simple silver tray that now is the backdrop for an aged stamped page and a cool old skeleton key. I know we all LOVE skeleton keys right?!

Whats not to love? rusty. crusty. elegant. These old keys are so feminine to me. I love them! 3 of our 5 doors are opened with a skeleton key. And although they are pretty they don't always make unlocking a door easy. Look at how keys have evolved... these beauties to big chunky average keys! I know we will always keep the locks on those three doors original ( after all it's not our main door, they're the porch doors) I just love the nostalgia of it all. So does D., he just doesn't get all giddy about it... acts all casual and all but I know inside he's thinking, "that key is gorgeous!" o.k. maybe those are my words...

These will all be listed on etsy very soon (right after the creative whirlwind in my head is satisfied or exhausted, whichever comes first)!
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Friday, March 12, 2010

Hear ye, Hear ye... GIVEAWAYS GALORE!!!

Hello Everyone! Just in case you haven't noticed the giveaway love I've been posting on my sidebar, I thought I'd fill you in a few new ones! Geesh with all of the giveaways lately I think it will be a permanent sidebar addition:) so check it out often! First of all if you don't know Anne of Fiona and Twig then you really HAVE to stop by her blog! She is so sweet and funny, I just know you will end up stalking (oops) befriending her like I have! She has some great finds on etsy as well. She is having a french themed giveaway and OOH LA LA is it Fabulous! really. no really. I cannot even believe I'm sharing this info. because it reduses my odds of winning but I'm just that nice. really.

Next up is Jill from Gypsy Brocante and she also has a very inspiring blog that I love to visit, she is giving away handmade spring flowers. Gorgeous! I can think of all kinds of ways to use these flowers, they would really add that spring feeling we are all so desperate for right now!

Lastly I have just found Kaseys blog LolaBs through Michelle at Vintage Junky thanks Michelle! Kasey has a wonderful blog and is giving away a plethera of beautiful things. You will want to go over all of her older posts (if you don't visit her already) like I did.

So go on over and put your name in their hats and GOOD LUCK! OK now I really NEED to get back to my house cleaning :( oh well it's gotta be done, and truly I love the fruits of my labor when I'm finished. I just keep in mind that I'm blessed to have this home to clean! really.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Unleashing the creative beast!

Getting back in the creative groove! I am so ready for spring and all the lovliness that it brings... Easter, New Beginnings, Tulips, Hyacinths (my fav) really their smell is intoxicating, Sunshine, Green Grass!!! This is about the time where I say 'ok snow the fun is gone and we can say goodby until next year without feeling bad:)' So on to spring and EGGS! This paper mache egg is now in my long ignored etsy (you know the old story... just not enough hours in the day) and it was SO good to get glue all over my hands again! And glass glitter, well don't get me started! How sweet is that pillow behind the egg? Love it! a present from a wonderful friend, as well as those flowers on top of the egg! She gave me a tin of jewels and some vintage millinary to play with. -insert hand clapping here-
Just look at those beauties! can I say FABULOUS? Thank you Julie!

Here's a close up of the vintage image of a girl with her lamb and Easter cart full of flowers and ofcourse covered in glass glitter!

This next one is covered in a copy of vintage ledger paper and then topped with a bouquet of vintage millinary in blues and browns. and glittered. ofcourse.

All nestled in some reindeer moss and sitting on a metal shabby base.

It felt so good to be in this role again. Sometimes I have to do this in the middle of the night just so I can release the creative beast within! C'mon I know some of you can relate! right? I have so many ideas I want to do so sometimes they wake me up and say GET BUSY!
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