Sunday, November 24, 2013

shop update...

late night shopkeeping...

After I got home tonight from selling the goods
at the Detroit Eastern Market,
I quickly fell asleep.
Most likely midsentence.
When I awoke a few hours later,
I couldn't go back to sleep.
So here I am to fill you in on some new items we have been working on
 for your gift giving pleasure...

This summer I found these scoops for our lavender laundry soap, 
I 'scooped' up a bunch to include with our listing of soap.
why,you ask?
Because they are the perfect size and so crazy cute!

Another new listing is what we like to refer to as our 
extreme lavender cleaning bundle.
You get one of each of our lavender laundry and cleaning products,
plus that crazy cute scoop,
all tucked into a handstamped cloth bag...
all for $40.00 plus shipping!

These items make fabulous 
Christmas presents, hostess gifts, wedding gifts,
so give it all to those you love
or save some for yourself...
there's enough in the bag to share!

you can find them here...
(the etsy shop)

and here


Plus because I have so much time on my hands
and because our customers ask if we can include 
candles in our line of lavender goodness
I have recently made some of these for your gift giving as well...
french lavender essential oil soy candle
in a 8 oz. reusable glass jar 
with a sparkly glass glitter clay star
tied on with jute twine
handmade a batch at a time 
by me
for you.

(these will be listed by Monday, as I need to take a few more pics)

Thanks for stopping by!
t. xoxo

WOW 2 posts in a weeks time...
I should stay up all night more often!
but that wouldn't be good for anyone involved
over here at the old white house!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

playing shopkeeper one show at a time..,

One of my favorite things to do for a show
is set up the displays.  It would seem that I have 
been drawn to books more than ever lately...
This large one stands by itself and holds 
tiny leather journal necklaces.

repurposed leather, tiny pages taken from maps, music paper,
a German dictionary and of course some blank pages...
 for your tiny little secrets!

I bring books to most every show, because
sometimes you just need to lift things a bit,
or you need to stuff vintage button rings in the pages!

or you need to hang shadowbox pendants from them...

I had a woman ask me this past weekend what my pendants
had to do with the United States.
Made me smile at the literal way she saw my display and the
"Oh, I'll use the huge atlas stuffed in my treasures to 
hang necklaces on" way that I saw it!

I even draped necklaces over extra books this past show...

Do you see the new apron for my girl?  I made them for us to wear at shows,
some of us (Duane) tends to walk away from the cash box, so 
I made aprons to put the cash in so no box is necessary for him!
I really made this so easy for me-I bought some work aprons from Menards
and stamped our logo on a piece of drop cloth and sewed it over their logo,
across the apron but not closing up the pockets.
easy peasy, just like I like it!

Now to show you some of the reasons for so many displays...
first, these are custom orders for some of my customers.
Never underestimate the power of one person wearing your jewelry.
My friend Kathleen wore a pendant that I made for her of her parents
and then her sisters wanted them and then her friend wanted me to make her 2 of her 
parents and grandparents.
Thank you Kathleen!!! xoxoxo

this is one of the shadowbox pendants that are hanging 
from the atlas in the photo above.  
I traded out the ball chain for some vintage jewels
that I grouped together.
I then claimed it for my very own!

A tiny xoxo charm with beads and treasures dangling from it
is now another custom order, as two friends 
both had to have the only one that I had last weekend!

This is my last display piece to show you today...
since I'm on the road so much and I use suitcases as much as books,
I decided to put my logo on a vintage suitcase that I painted white.
It does double duty, as it holds things for the show
and makes a great presence in the booth!

Can't forget the major reason for 
our lavender goodness!

I love playing shopkeeper as I get ready for the show to begin...
It may not look like it to those around me as I look like a stressed out squirrel
looking for her stash of nuts, but really I'm having a great time!

on another note...
if you see my stash,
could you tell me where it is?
Right now I'm on the hunt for my metal stamps for 
a project that I really need to do,
or I just may go over the edge!

You know how it is,
you put something in a safe place
and someone moves the safe place!
(it couldn't be that I forgot where it is)

OHHHH one more thing!
I just opened a shop on square
you can now purchase the lavender goodness
click on the link and it will take you right to me!

(for all of you that are already set up with square accts.!)

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Monday, November 4, 2013

let's play catch up (again)...

Hello! I missed all of October here in blogland... I can't even believe it myself. It has been a wild ride of doing shows almost every weekend and spending the week preparing for them.   To get you a little up to date on what I've been up to I went through the pics on my phone going backwards from most the recent ones and stopped when I figured you were saying "enough already!"

I made shadow box pendants for last weeks show, and a customer had me marry two necklaces together as we chatted a bit.  I love how it turned out!  I may have to take a second look at some of my stock!

Here are some repurposed glass bottles with vintage ornament toppers for Christmas.   The show was the Recycled Art Market.  It's one of my favorites because everything you make has to be at least 50% recycled.  Right up my alley! 

Soldered bottles, some with pearls, some with feathers, some with little trees... They come with a chain to be worn but they look great on the tree too.

 pumpkins, bottles, vintage button rings, and soldered ornaments hanging from repurposed feather trees made by my brother Wil.  Plus the lavender laundry and cleaning goods in the background.

the worktable...

Max the zombie making his rounds on Halloween with his buddies.  Yes, you have to RUN between houses when the city only gives you 2 hours to gather as much candy as your pillowcase can hold!

And YES, at our house you still trick or treat when you're in high school as long as a costume is involved... especially if you made yourself a sweet fairy forest deer costume 

...most especially if you stand long enough for a zillion pics for your mom.

Vintage button rings from my stash of beautiful metal buttons, most were given to me by a dear friend so I could repurpose them... Thanks Judy! xoxo

 Our newest addition to the lavender goodness - Lavender Carpet Freshener!  Lavender buds, and lavender oil along with natural freshening agents to freshen your carpets and vacuum as you clean.  It's really lovely and makes your home smell fabulous!

I put our heron decoy in this apple picking bag a while ago, and he got a fall makeover with corn tassels.

Every birthday should end with you falling asleep in the car hugging your new best friend that your sister bought for you at the cider mill!

...because this is how much fun you had at said cider mill!  Happy #11  Max!  xoxoxo 

Speaking of new best friends, have you met Captain yet?  When we got him in August the humane society called him a 'lab mix'. We are pretty sure now that the 'mix' is Great Dane.  He's much bigger than this already!  

But he's ALL puppy!

Sometimes I play with apps on my phone for Instagram.  This one is my fave by Rhonnadesigns.  

I think i heard someone In the back yell "enough already!" so I'll stop now.  Thanks for playing catch up with me!  This is the first time I've blogged from my phone, we'll see how it goes, maybe I could blog more often and not have to recap an entire month!

I hope that you are having a wonderful autumn!  Thanks for stopping by!
Love, t.xoxo