Monday, April 30, 2012

a fairy garden, new creations and my Boo

Another quick post from me I'm afraid...
last week was a crazy busy week, good busy though!
I helped my friend Debby at her garden center and oh my, it was 
fabulous being among beautiful flowers!
Debby had me plant a fairy garden for an example in her shop.

this is my first one ever and I have to say it was so much
fun picking from her choices of tiny plants!
We turned lavender into trees and she has mini cypress and moss and tiny gazing balls... 
I hope the fairies like it!

Rows of gorgeous blooms!

If you are in the area stop by
Enchanting Farms in DeWitt and tell Debby and Randy I say hello!

I also finished a couple of new pieces of soldered jewelry for the shop
I used this girl again, i just love the serenity on her face... namaste

I have used this boy before, I think his face is captivating... 
I think he has many stories ahead of him, for today
he is a new beaded bracelet reminding me that life is good.
Thank you land of nod studios for these wonderful images!

and most importantly...
my BOO turned 14 today!
This is her taking a pic. for me to text to her sister to 
show her the new clothes we found at forever 21 yesterday
so that she could go to school in style on her bday!
It looks like she is giving her the duck face,
but she is sending her a smooch!

Happy Birthday Boo!
I love you so very much!

So there you have it...
I planted, I weeded at my dad's house,
I created, I cleaned (it was spring clean up and I can now see
the floor of my little barn :), and I got to have
some fun with the family!
We went to see Chimpanzee yesterday and it was so sweet.

Have you joined the Marketplace Monday party over at Debra's?
She has been having a weekly party for etsy shop owners
to share listings.  It's a great way to get the word out about your shop
or some fun shopping for all!
So stop on by Common Ground and take a peek at all the offerings this week!

Thanks for stopping by!
It's going to be in the low 70's tomorrow so I'm back 
outdoors for more work in the gardens!
It feels good to have my hands in the dirt again!

Happy Monday!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Vintage Inspiration Friday

a new bracelet and
playing with my new friend...

Visit Land of Nod Studio for wonderful altered images
like the one I used here!

That's what my Friday night will be about.

Hannah must have had a rough day at school,
she is already asleep and it's only 7:00!

Max has a couple of buddies spending the night
so they have the living room as their domain tonight.
I will listen for requests of popcorn and let them be silly boys.
Pancakes in the morning are a must!

Duane will be doing some homework,
only 3 more weeks and my man will have finished his MBA...
I am so proud of him!

When I tire of the computer I will break out the beads
and play with another bracelet design.

So there you have it...
an exciting night ahead for me :)
life. is. good.

Happy Weekend!


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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

even if your voice shakes...

What a powerful message.

I first saw it on Pinterest, 
the image showed it spray painted on a shed, 
and it made me involuntarily gasp.

It gives one a moment of reflection. 

I am a truthful person, but I do not always speak my mind.
I am usually non confrontational,
unless you mess with my family,
then the momma bear in me comes out.
Unless I am asked straight out for my opinion, I usually 
keep quiet.  I get it from my parents, if you asked my mom or dad for their
opinion on something they would share it with you, but they did 
not try to impose it on you.

I am of the thought that if something will upset someone
and not bring a positive change than my words will have 
created more harm than good.
I will tell you that there is toilet paper hanging from your shoe, 
or that you have spinach in your teeth.
Or even share with you the things I am learning about the
safety of our food, if you are questioning me about 
being a vegan.
I will not tell you how to raise your children or 
how you should live your life, or even what you should stand for.

I reserved all of that for my own kids,
(lucky them)
they know where I stand on all of the important things in life.
How strongly I feel about the unfairness of discrimination, or inequality, 
our children's education and their safety, the preservation of our planet,
the food we put in our mouths and who is governing the ingredients allowed in said food.
These make great dinner conversations I assure you!
These are the things that I could get on a soapbox about.
I am not getting on a soapbox here, I promise,
I really didn't even plan on this being what this post was about.
I was just going to show you the new bracelet that I made
with a collaged soldered pendant and some beading.

but that message is hard to ignore.

and the girls face is pleading with me not to ignore the message.

Thank you Land of Nod Studios for the beautiful altered image!

The fact of the matter is that when I do get worked up about something...

my voice shakes.

Thanks for stopping by,
stay tuned for the regularly scheduled pretty post...


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Saturday, April 14, 2012


Do you know what Polyvore went and did? 
They are allowing etsy products to be included on the site. 
 I will tell you that I love polyvore, although I have only admired it from afar.
 I visit Junkgarden every Sunday to see her weekly wardrobe picks, and 
 I just recently oooogled Scarlett's newest art made from polyvore's art creations, 
but i had not jumped into the water... until today. 

 I chose my pale pink vintage inspired necklace to include in my set. 
I love these colors, the vintage style of the dress... swoon. 
 After we saw the Hunger Games, I only wanted to dress in the simple dresses like District 12.
 Something from the 40's with lace socks and oxford shoes. In the palest of hues.
(That being said, you must know that right now I am sitting in torn jeans, white shirt, cardigan and converse.)
I have yet to find the dress of my dreams!

 I digress... 
 The real excitement here is that we have yet another opportunity 
to share our creations and etsy shops with a wonderful
creative outlet! 


now to  figure this thing out... 

 Happy Saturday! 

p.s.  after I figure out polyvore my next assignment is to conquer the new blogger design!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

upcycled gift box... the tutorial (kinda)

I am going to confess right now... 
I am cheap thrifty,
plus I have a difficult time buying something 
that can be made, reused, repurposed, saved...

I needed a box to ship my jewelry orders out.
I looked at ordering boxes...
(for about a minute!)

I just knew that if I put my mind to it, I would come up with a better solution.

I had a flashback to the little paper towel roll vase that I made
a couple of years ago, and with a little adjusting ~ waalaa!
A new jewelry gift box for my creations!

(the original idea for this came from Somerset Life)

(the only problem is that now I want to make more of these!)
I think that they need to hang on doorknobs everywhere :)
I thought I would walk you through the process
just in case you want to make the gift boxes.

Instead of the ribbon looped on either side of the roll
I stapled it on the back and punched a hole on the front so that 
the ribbon could be slipped through and tied into a bow.

Using an extra strength glue stick, cover the toilet paper roll and then 
wrap it in the paper of your choice.
Staple the bottom shut,
and cover the staples with a scrap of doily or paper of your choice.
The one above was my prototype...
after that one, I left the extra paper at the top and tucked it inside
for a more finished look.  
( use the glue around the inside of the roll before you tuck the paper inside) 

flatten it out and stamp with your favorite stamps,
staple on the ribbon and use a hole punch on the front for
the ribbon to go through.
Tuck your treasure inside,
tie the bow, and there you go!

Now as these new garden series necklaces leave the shop
they will arrive more like a gift than a purchase!

I confessed at the beginning of the post to being thrifty,
now I must confess to NOT being the best tutorial creator in blogland!
I get so wrapped up in the creating part that taking pictures
doesn't enter my mind until the work is done.
please accept my apologies.  :)
If you have any questions at all,
please feel free to ask in the comments and I will get right back to you.

Well, back to the worktable for me...
Thanks so much for stopping by,
see you soon!


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etsy love..."feather your nest"

'Feather your Nest' by ArtfulVintage

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This treasury is just beautiful... I am thrilled to be included!

It was created by Emily of Artful Vintage, a shop full of fabulous vintage goodness...
Thank you Emily!

Happy Thursday Everyone!


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

white wednesday...

vintage chandelier crystals an aged crucifix and fresh water pearls...
one of the newest listings in the shop.

Another quick post from me I'm afraid...
I keep hearing the white rabbit in my ear telling me 
I'm late, I'm late!

No date to speak of but I have a million projects to do 
and a messy house, and a busy family schedule this week.

I have been on a creative streak and the soldering iron has 
me in its grasp...

I'm hoping to have a more substantial post soon,
and have time to catch up with all of you... 
but you know I can't
miss out on White Wednesday!

sooooo, how's life treating you?


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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

sending you a happy moment...

John just sent me this link and I thought I would pass along the feel good moment with all of you!

This is the kind of story I want to watch on the nightly news, it has it all...
inventiveness, perseverance, kindness of strangers, and
an adorable little boy with an entrepreneurial spirit...
everything a feel-good story needs!


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

etsy love... "spring whites and greens"

'Spring Whites and Greens ' by blueeyeddragonfly

Springtime Beautiful!

An Assortment of 36 Fully-Ro...

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Flower Power Fabric by Jenni...

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White Planter, USA Pottery, ...

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Spring Sale Antique Fern Art...

All of this spring beauty grouped together brings a smile to my face!

Don't you love the idea of succulents as a wedding favor or a wedding bouquet? 
 Where were these great ideas 25 years ago?

I have a wheelbarrow full of hens and chicks that I am thinking of transplanting...
I'm thinking that a shallow chicken feeder for the back table is going to be perfect.

Thank you Heather from blue eyed dragonfly
for featuring me in your gorgeous treasury!
Heather has a great shop full of colorful folk art,
her owl banner is adorable...
I have a couple of owl fanatics over here :)

Happy Wednesday!