Thursday, August 25, 2011

hello from hannah...

My mom wanted you to see what I'm up to after she falls alseep.
School will be starting soon so my nights of
staying up late are almost over.

Thanks to pinterest and youtube I have found some cool new ways to show
a little Elmo love!
and some great ideas on polishing my nails.

If mom could keep her hands still long enough I would do hers too!

thanks for letting me share!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

this one is for the postal carrier...

He will never again have to guess which house is yours!

Great housewarming present, wedding present, give yourself a present present!

freshly picked and listed on etsy...

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Running With Glitter

Thanks for the parties ladies!

Friday, August 19, 2011

blogger, why do you torment me so...

I have been having trouble leaving comments again.
I just wondered if anyone else has the same complaint,
and wanted to let you all know that I have been
trying to leave comments telling you that your posts are as inspiring as ever!

dining room chalkboard
I haven't been able to erase it yet.
When I find a quote that inspires me more,
than I will.

until then, this says it all.

Please know that I am screaming at the computer and as soon as it pays attention and lets me comment
again, I most certainly will!

Theresa xoxo

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Is it possible to love argyle too much?

I have always loved argyle.
I know, it's crazy but can you be a preppy hippy?

or how about a lil blue pumpkin?

before you think that maybe aliens have taken over my body
here's one more.

I'm going to keep this short,
my earlier post about the family reunion took up
my designated blog time, but I wanted to share these with you!
The blue and white ones are works in progress.
I can't decide what, if anything, to put on them.
Also, I just finished a grain sack pumpkin.
The sun went down too fast for pictures today though ;)

Theresa xoxo

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the family reunion post...

I have had a few of you ask how the family reunion went...
These people are so much fun!
Here are a few of the highlights...

We celebrated Christmas since we aren't all able to be together on the 25th ~

actually we had a holiday celebration every day.
Christmas, Halloween, and 4th of July
we meant to do Easter too, but the days were already so full.

The Santa your momma warned you about!
(available for parties)

Chinese auction, this is before the craziness of stealing presents began.

Can you see the Christmas tree on the wall?  This is how creative my brother Wil is,
He forgot to bring the fake Christmas tree and so, lucky for him, Danielle thought that sidewalk chalk would be a good thing to put in our box of fun, and after that all of the holidays we celebrated were with decorations on the walls.

I made soldered pendants with  pieces of my Bushie's crocheted doilies for all of the girls and gave them to them at the Christmas party.  

To celebrate "family" we had Mafia Night (don't judge, it was fun)
The mob boss is on the left, if you couldn't tell already.
Yes, he was also Santa!
(again, available for parties!)

Everyone's idea of Mafia night spanned the ages...

The flappers!

flappers with Snooky
apparently Hannah thinks Snooky is part of the Mafia.

so did Uncle Kevin with his paper cut out gold cross!

This was a highlight for all of the kids...
For the "Kirby Fourth of July" celebration
My brother Pat built 2 soap box derby car chassis
and brought them to the reunion for the kids to finish building and to race against eachother.
So him and Santa, aka Mark, and Dudley who are all builders and mechanics
and Jack of all Traders, taught the kids who wanted to learn,
how to build the cars using power tools.
I think the girls were the first ones to jump in!
How cool is that?

oh and guess what...
Pat gave me a lesson in welding while we were together!
I'll show you what I made another time :)

how jealous are you right now?

Finished and ready to ride!
This is one of the two that they built.

Yes, helmets were necessary... we only had one wipe out :(
don't worry she's o.k. :)
and it only deterred a few from trying these out!

You, Patrick, are awesome! xoxo

O.k. this was even better ( for me anyway)
My dad, aka Gega, taught anyone who wanted to learn
(and wake up early enough to meet him in the kitchen)
how to make his
Gega's Famous Sausage Gravy and Biscuits!
there was note taking going on, let me tell you!

some of these kids never went to bed, they were all up until 5:00am when they decided that if they fell asleep they would miss out, so they kept eachother awake to do this with their Gega.

being a vegetarian, these were my treat...
but I almost converted back to my carnivore ways when the gravy was being dished up!

Way to go Gega! xoxooxo

We celebrated Halloween too!

complete with loot!
We had trick or treating for the kids at each families cabin.
they loved it :)
looking at Max's pile, I think their might have been a different sort of looting going on!

Gega and his grandkids, minus 4 kids.
My hope is that everyone can make it next time!

because this is where you can just be yourself, no matter how goofy that self is,
and well, you just plain fit in!

"Being part of this family
means you are part of something very wonderful.
It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life.
No matter what."

this is the quote on my living room chalkboard right now.
It was meant for all of my children to see
before John moved to California last Tuesday.

How am I doing you ask?
that's a whole 'nother post.

For now, I'm making pumpkins like crazy and making a mess of my house.

So let's see...

all back to normal

I know, I know...
define normal :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Theresa xoxo

Thursday, August 11, 2011

a bit on the grey side...

I found some greyish pumpkins last year at the farmers market that inspired this latest addition to

have you entered Z's giveaway yet?

Time is running out and there are a slew of fabulous prizes!!!

Happy Thursday!

Theresa xoxo

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Suzan is having a giveaway!

Do you know my friend Z?
Well she is having a fabulous giveaway at her place...

There are prizes galore from some of her amazing friends, and I am thrilled to be part of the fun!

and guess what...


I am putting this vintage grainsack pumpkin in the kitty
for you to win!
All decorated with white burlap rosettes and grainsack leaves.

It's a whopper, full of vintage rusty goodness.
Hanging from the stem is an old #7 cow tag along with a rusty skeleton key.

She has some other really fabulous prizes from some really talented girls,
so stop on over and visit and throw your name in the hat!

If you are not the winner but would like a pumpkin ~
do not fret,
I will be adding pumpkins to the pumpkin patch on my etsy;

(these are a sampling of the pumpkins that I made and sold last year,
new 'models'will be added to the shop soon)
for updates on the pumpkin patch as well as vintage treasures and my other artistic endeavors,
 you can check out my facebook page

I have a few more grainsacks to make some from and I have
been storing up some beautiful wools
along with a brand new creation brewing in my noggin!
So get on over and visit Suzan and see what her and the others are bringing to the party!
Good Luck and be sure and tell Z I sent you!