Monday, June 18, 2012

5 hour sale and classes @ The Garden Gallery...

Do you remember Nancy's sale from last month?
If not, because you have a memory like mine :) ...check out the link
above and see the types of fabulous treasures that Nancy creates
and finds just for you!

Oh my gosh, she had so many wonderful things for sale...
well guess what?  She has been shopping, painting, and 
repurposing all kinds of new (old) treasures and is having
a 5 hour sale on Wednesday June 20th from 4-9!

I know, right?!!!
If you live anywhere near here you really must stop out 
and come shopping!

She will be carrying 
The Old White House
Natural Lavender Laundry Soap

and for this sale we have included
all sorts of organic lavender dryer sachets!

Of course there will be more pendants... 
while Nancy is busy selling all of her fabulous treasures,
I will be teaching a class on making
Domino Pendants!
I will be providing all of the supplies
but if anyone wants to bring a special photo they can.

Then I thought, shoot, I bet we can squeeze in a lesson
on making a special gift box for the pendant!

So I am bringing all of the supplies for everyone to make a gift box too!

The cost for the class is $25.00 and begins @ 5:00 and lasts until 7:00
We can add another class from 7:00 -9:00 if there are enough people interested!

If you are in the area and would like a craft date with
some fun ladies, give me a call and I'll add you to the list!

Thanks for stopping by!


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Fathers Day!

I am going to repost this because the sentiment will always remain the same.

Meet my dad...

A week or so ago I came across an essay that I wrote in grade school about my Dad.
The title... "My Hero"
I rattled off all of the roles my dad played in my life at the time.
He is a pretty amazing man... at the time I was growing up with my 11 brothers and sisters my dad was on the school board, the Mayor of our town and ran his own accounting business.
I remember coming home from school and all of us marching through his office to tell him hello and grab a piece of candy from his candy jar on the desk.
(his office was next to the house)

(this pic is from our last family reunion in 09 and I am the snake charmer of the carny people)

He raised us with the lessons of equality for everyone, love and kindness with a strong work ethic.
Can you even imagine feeding, clothing and housing 12 kids? He did it and though I know it couldn't have always been easy, I never heard him complain about it. not once.
He is one of the most positive people you would ever meet, and that is one of the best lessons he has passed on to his children and his grandchildren.
When him and Mom got married they said they wanted 12 kids. Well maybe Mom said it but he went along with it!
funny what love will make you agree to :)

When I was at that age where I thought I was ready to settle down I knew I wanted to marry a man with those same values.

I got my wish.

Duane is a wonderful father and husband and this pic. is a good example of what he loves best.
Being outside wearing a flannel shirt and hanging with his kids.
He is passing on all of the lessons that his dad and my dad both embraced.

I know I've said it before but

I am blessed.

just being a kid,
I love when he can just be one of the kids!


Theresa xoxooxoxoxoxo

thanks for indulging me!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

what I've been up to...

my house smells heavenly right now...

I have been making lavender sachets for a couple of the local
farmers markets and for another sale at The Garden Gallery!

all hand stamped with some of my favorite stamps,double stitched
 and full of fragrant organic lavender.

heavenly I tell you.

I sell them in sets of 3 or singles.
You toss them in your dryer for a wonderful light lavender scent on your clothes,
or slip one under your pillow for a restful nights sleep.


Hannah and I went to our first market last week,
and while I was busy chatting with all of the vendors and regulars,
catching up on the latest happenings with their families and such,
Hannah sold every bag of soap that we brought!
2 1/2 hours before the markets closing time!
So we decided to add the sachets this week...
gotta keep her on her toes!

Way to go BOO!
(she is an awesome salesgirl with a big smile and
knowledge of the product... it was so cool to watch her work!)

Want some for your home and clothes?
I'm adding them to The Old White House today!

That's what I've been up to...
how about you?


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Monday, June 4, 2012

the effect company has on me... and my home

Sweeping, mopping, dusting, rearranging, cutting the last of the peonies,
fluffing, and fluffing some more...
is this what having company does for you?
I really need to have company more often and then maybe my house would
stay reasonably clean!

... not 'pop in' company, although they are my favorite kind of company,
but they unfortunately don't reap the benefits of my crazy
cleaning and fluffing!
They just take me as I am, and as the house is
and I am thankful that they want to knock on my door again and again!

My 'pop in' company are my friends that know they will
probably walk into scraps of paper strewn everywhere, the smell of 
a hot soldering iron, next to a sewing machine and piles of fabric, 
and a sink full of dishes,
and yet they still come over.

Thank you!

p.s. the door is always open ;)

They don't see the house as you see it,
photo ready.
(which by the way, please excuse the blurriness of these
latest photos, the light wasn't the greatest and my camera
is temperamental to it)

I couldn't retake them because, as you may have guessed
this room did not stay like this for very long.
Between the kids and the cat, the next morning
as I headed out to work, I walked through, shook my head and 
then closed my eyes.

I'm glad that I got pics of the peonies in the old crate and blue jars
 while I could because Oliver thought that I provided him with a new toy
 and had them shredded by the next day.

Good thing I love the booger.
p.s. that goes for the kids too!

Today I have it back in order, (mostly)
except for those pesky dishes and the never ending laundry...
wanna stop by for a visit?
If you call first, who knows what kind of projects I could get done just for you!!!
(sometimes I get crazy enough to break out the spray paint too!)

Happy Monday!


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Friday, June 1, 2012

on a bike ride...

Are you in the mood for a little exercise? 

I thought I would take you on our bike ride with us...
This is from the first old bridge that we cross, it is only a walking bridge now,
no cars allowed.  We sometimes take a peek over to look for fish but most
of the time I am racing Duane down the hill like a little kid!

We see deer almost every night.  I really wanted to bring the camera
when the phlox was still in bloom because of some
of the different times we have seen the deer nestled in it.

Geese every night, tonight we caught them eating their dinner.
There is one family that has 23 goslings!
They were not available for a photo op on this particular bike ride though.


I call the mamma Fertile Myrtle  :)

This was a new sight...
8 turtles up on the bank laying eggs!
We had to stop a long time to watch them.
We were told that they were leatherbacks,
but after googling them, I'm not so sure.
They were cool and pretty big no matter what they are!

This is the third bridge that we see, another walking bridge.

... and then home where I just had to show you how I borrowed
an idea from a friend and planted hens and chicks in my old bird bath.

I'm so glad that Duane reminded me to take the camera this time,
but with so many stops, he ( who I refer to as Jilian) probably won't 
encourage it again any time soon because this is serious exercise people!

Gotta get ready for work
so I'll talk to you later! 

Happy Friday!