Wednesday, September 17, 2014

where you can find me...

If I'm not at one of these places in the next couple of weeks, 
than I am shopping for supplies, or 
making product with those supplies, or
sitting behind a sewing machine, or
at the table creating new baubles, or
making dinner for the family, or
hanging out with the family, or
on a bike ride with Duane, or
at yoga.

seriously, this wraps up the story of my life these days.

I'll let you in on a secret...
I am loving this chapter!

I hope that you are having a fabulous day!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

we went on vacation...

where myself and these two...

drove to see these two!

we had a great visit, but as usual it was much too short.

We did manage to pack quite a bit into a week!
This pic was taken at the Charleston Farmers Market.  
There were booths and booths of specialty foods
and many talented artists as well as the local farmers, I loved it!

It was 110* this day, so what's a kid to do, but take advantage of the local fountain?

We ate at some fabulous places!
Danielle and Justin took us to a few of their favorite spots,
and I can attest to the fact that the Charleston area has some delicious food!

We went into the Art Museum, where it was cool, for a stroll through some
unusual art displays.  They were in between exhibits so there really
wasn't much to see, but as you can tell Hannah and Max
found it pretty fascinating! ;)

Justin drove us to a great spot on Folly Beach to see some
truly amazing art... 
The artist 
has been commissioned by the city to paint
murals in different places.  I kept looking for more,
but never found them.  I hope we see more next time!

seriously, his work is so incredible!
(Do yourself a favor and click on his name to see more)
I can't even imagine how he does all of this detail with spray paint!

The vacation was wonderful, and much needed!
We have had a crazy, busy, and fabulous summer
here at the Detroit Eastern Market,

and here, at the Capitol Lawn Farmers Market
(last one of the season is coming up on 9/25)

and here, at the Grand Rapids Fulton St. Artisans Market
(last Sunday of the season is 9/28)
a vast array of artists every week, with something for everyone!

and here, at the Everlasting Blooms Vintage Flea Market
(next one is on 10/10 & 10/11)
it's show full of treasures galore, grab your girls and come shopping!

and here, at the South Haven All Crafts Fair for our third year!

There have been more shows in between, 
and with all of those shows comes the wonderful
people who visit us and shop our booth!


As you can see, we have been incredibly busy this summer,
so that vacation was the perfect way to close out the summer before school started!

In between going to all of our markets and shows, are long days making lots and lots of 
our lavender goodness to take to said shows...

...and in between making lavender goodness,
I make as many new pieces of jewelry as I can!

I grabbed most of these photos from my facebook and instagram pages,
where it is much quicker and easier for me to share all of the fabulous
places we set up our booth and for some of the stories of the
wonderful people that we meet.
Also, that's where I post photos of the new jewelry pieces that I'm working on,
so if you hop over to either of those sites you won't miss a thing!
On a side note about my jewelry...
I don't list them on etsy these days.  As I tell my customers at the markets,
by the time I get them finished I am packing them up to go in the booth.
If you ever see anything that you would like, please contact me and if I still
have it I will make a listing of it just for you!
I have sold many pieces straight from the instagram or FB page.

Well, that wraps up my summer, I hope you didn't feel bombarded by photos,
but I've missed sharing with you all!  
I hope I see you on FB or instagram very soon :)

Thanks so much for stopping by!