Friday, April 26, 2013

Mayday is just around the corner...

We don't have many flowers in the garden yet, truth be told
we have 5 daffodils. 
I am hoping that by next week we have a
few blooming branches to make a few
Mayday bouquets.

(These are from 2010... where does the time go?)

Grab some paper towel tubes and toilet paper tubes
from the recycling bin and 
make them all pretty with
spring papers, buttons, a ribbon hanger, some glitter
and well...
and make yourself and your friends
a little vase to hang on the door!

I put a test tube inside of this one, but
if you don't have a test tube to put the flowers in,
just wrap them in wet paper towel wrapped in aluminum foil.

Nothing will bring a smile to your friends faces
more than finding a little bouquet hanging from the door!
Heck, the smile it will bring to your own face
will make it worth it!

Want another reason to smile?
Lynn from Blue Skies is having a giveaway!
There will be 3 winners ~
I threw my name in the hat, because well,
I love her, her ramblings on her blog, 
her art work is beautiful and I would love to have one for my very own!
Throw your name in the hat before Sunday
 and tell Lynn I said hello!

bring on the smile factor.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day!

To show my love for our little planet, and my love for you,
I am having a special at

I will be tossing in one of our luscious organic lavender dryer sachets
with every purchase of our natural lavender laundry soap!

that's a $7.00 savings for you,
and a great way to fall in love with one of our best selling items!

Reusable for up to 3 months,
made from repurposed cotton fabrics, 
and filled with 3/4 cup of the most heavenly organic lavender buds,
and then for the piece de resistance... a sprinkle of lavender essential oil.


Along with using them to make our laundry smell amazing,
we also tuck them under our pillows,
keep one in the car,
and of course they are wonderful in the linen closet!

By washing your laundry with our
wonderful natural lavender laundry soap,
you are helping to keep our water ways free of 
chemicals, and making your laundry day one that is
a celebration of Earth Day!
(see how I came back around to that) 

good for you, good for this little planet we call home.

So stop on by

and get yourself a free reusable dryer sachet 
with your purchase of laundry soap!

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

bottled stories...

vintage love...

I spent most of the week on the computer
absorbing all of the info that I could to grow my business,
applying to art shows for this season,
and digging through receipts for our taxes.

(last minute... who me?)

with a scrapbook of vintage photos as my muse,
I sat down this past weekend for some much needed creative time,
and created bottled stories.

vintage photos, beads, buttons, needle and thread and
a few other trinkets, with a chosen word for
each bottle, helps to tell a long forgotten story.
Okay, a story that I envisioned for them,
one that I created by the pose, or the facial expression
in the photo. A chance to share a forgotten photo,
because we all have a story to share.

These photos are from the same scrapbook that
I made this pumpkin with.

All of the photos look to have been taken
by a budding photographer in college.
Some of them are photos of friends from UofM
 and some from MSU,
which at the time was called
Michigan Agricultural College.
Some are from days at the lake with family
and all of them pull at my heart.

I know that I will be making more of these,
as I still have quite a few photos
that have a story to tell.

Although they will be listed as 
pendants with a ball chain for you to wear
around your neck, 
I can also add them to a key fob,
for you to hang from your favorite bag.

If you see one that you would like
before I can get the rest of the pics taken for etsy, 
(not a lot of sun here lately and I need to get individual shots taken)
just send me a msg. 
and I will put up a reserve listing for you :)
$28.00 + 3.00 shipping

GENUINE - sold
IMAGINE - sold

Thanks so much everyone!

Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Sunday!

love, t.xoxo

p.s. If it's sunshiny where you live,
could you maybe send some our way, we could sure use it!!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

etsy love...

This treasury is right up my alley...

'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle' by kindredquilters

Earth Day is April 22nd. Here are some wonderful handmade goodies that are also Earth friendly!

Take Me to Lunch Pattern (SM...

6 Hand Stamped Upcycled Silv...

Coffee Bean Sack Farmers Mar...

Personalized Merry Monster D...

5 reusable produce bags

Neutral Upcycled Cable Knit ...

Reusable Cloth Wipes or Fami...

3 reusable organic lavender ...

Reusable Hemp Coffee Filter ...

2 Reusable swiffer mop pads ...

Recycled material hummingbir...

Unpaper towels, eco friendly...

Recycled Seat Belt Guitar St...

Recycled light bulb vase woo...

Fingerless Gloves - Texting ...

Lighted Wine Bottle Hand Pai...

I love checking out new treasuries on etsy and am thrilled to have been included in some lovely ones.
 This one featuring all repurposed, recycled goodness is simply fabulous.
 I found some new shops to follow that have thinking 'outside the box' all wrapped up!
Love the guitar straps from seat belts, and they also make fabulous camera straps too...
the recycled light bulb vase if very industrial chic...
the burlap shopping bags...
the hummingbird feeder made from a discarded wine bottle...
and don't even get me started on how well those dryer sachets work ;)
Thank you Shari and Lois!

 I'm linking some etsy treasures of my own over at Debra's The Marketplace
 If you have some shopping to do for yourself or a special gift for someone, 
I hope you will stop over and see all of the wonderful items that the small business owners link up.

via facebook

add to that the many of us that use recycled, repurposed materials and
you not only support the artist and their family,
but you are saving the planet as well.
kinda double dipping,  if you will :)

 Thanks so much for stopping by!
 love, t.xoxo