Tuesday, May 10, 2011

in from the barn. again...

 I have not liked our coffee table for a while now.
So what's a girl to do?

Go to the barn...

I have had both of these pieces for a long time now. 
The table top I found at a garage sale. 
Actually, I found both pieces at garage sales
(go figure!)

I digress, I fell in love with the table that the top came with, most specifically the top.

I love that detail, those points just made it all girly for me.


but the bottom was broken, all wobbly, unfixable.

So as I was cleaning today I had an AHA moment when I looked at this pedestal base with new eyes.

It is actually the pedestal that was the base of this girl when I bought her.


But she doesn't sit on it anymore, and she hasn't for awhile now.
The pedestal had a basket of yarn and crochet projects on it and she stands here.

see her through the doorway?

I really need to paint that dresser too.
so many projects, so little time...

The elements outdoors were doing way too much damage to her so I brought her inside over a year ago and am so happy I did.  I think she adds a bit of grace to our dining room.
and honestly if you were sitting around our dinner table and could hear some of the conversations that go on then you would understand why we need a bit of grace and eloquence!

So she didn't need that base anymore, but we needed a new coffee table...
So the top was from the barn
and the bottom was being used as a yarn holder...

next up...

Paint the two pieces to match and make some pillows that I can get these hooligans to keep on the couches!
Actually I took the drop cloth pillows that I had made for these couches and put them on the chairs on the front porch.  It really does drive me a bit crazy to get them all fluffed and looking fabulous, then leave the room for 5 minutes and come back to find them on the floor.  Truth be told the top of the table would look fabulous with some treasures on it but then when Duane puts his feet up on it, and the computers are set down on it, and there is homework being done on it, or we have snacks on it...
you see my dilemma?

Don't sweat the small stuff, right?

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Theresa xoxo

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  1. Hey at least you can have a coffee table. lol
    we can't at this time because it is just a launching pad for Brooklyn
    I am wanting a coffee table soooooo bad to decorate and put the computer on and magazines to thumb thru.
    Well, a girl can dream right.
    your living space looks sooo comfy, I can see why the family loves it so.

  2. The table is beautiful, Theresa. Wonderful pedestal!......Christine

  3. OK, Theresa, how can i tell you how absolutely fabulous these are "married"!!! It's incredible! The trim work on the apron is awesome! xoxo Debra

  4. Love the Marriage of the 2, Really Love that Lovely Lady & she does Grace the Room... Why don't you get a tray with a few items for the Coffee table that can easily be moved~

  5. What a great marriage of the two! My parlor coffee table is for *looks* but the family room one is for *real*!
    Happy WW!

  6. hey girlfriend! Don't you love those AHA! moments..like me and my shutters..you just think duh..it was right in front of me :D


  7. i love this table! How great combining these two elements to make one fabulous table.

  8. I love that table! I would never store that away, matter of fact, I would keep it in my purse to show everybody! LOL 8>)

  9. LOVE the table !!!!!! Better and more unique than anything you could buy. Good work! judy

  10. Love that tabletop, Theresa! It makes for a fabulous coffee table with the pedestal!

    visiting from WUW : )

  11. Oh, fabulous table!! All your treasures will be sitting there in no time...I can bet you enjoy every moment of all the activity on the table right now!

  12. I love your "new" table. This is a case of the whole being greater than the sum of the parts! I can relate to your dilemma about putting something on it. I love "things" on my tables but my family is forever shoving them aside for their stuff. It's an ongoing battle!

  13. Theresa, your table is fabulous! I love a one-of-a-kind piece that uses what you have...beautiful!!

  14. That is just a fabulous marriage of objects, I love it!

    Have a wonderful evening!

  15. Hey T, this table is just beautiful. I wanted to thank you so much for praying for my husband and his family. I so appreciate you!

  16. I LOVE that table top Theresa...it looks wonderful paired with that base!! A perfect marriage!
    Happy day!

  17. Great table - I am always amazed when someone can look at something and see it in a totally different light!

  18. Hola Theresa, have loved your coffee table and your blog!!! Coming from Brenda´s vintage friday´s
    hugs from chile

  19. Oh I am just loving that gorgeous coffee table! I found a coffee table with a similar scallop design along the apron and loved it instantly- but the base on yours is divine! I would love for you to come share this at Feathered Nest Friday sometime! :)

  20. A delightful post, Theresa! That's a spectacular table...great job you did on it! I think your whole room looks so sweet and restful.

    But I can sympathize with your hooligan problem...my menfolk are convinced coffee tables are only meant to hold feet...not doodads...LOL!

    Have a wonderful weekend...:)

    Imagination Lane

  21. Looks like a great marriage!

    And, I know! What is it with kids and couch cushions?!

  22. I LOVE this! Such a pretty transformation! I've got a similar garden element turned coffee table! I put a glass top atop a huge cast iron urn! LOVE!
    Now Following!

    ~Mikey @ Shabby French Cottage

  23. That is some serious stuff you had in your barn, friend!!! I soooo love your new coffee table ~ just perfect!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents


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