Wednesday, June 8, 2011

summers favorite sound, and the peonies are here...

Remember the spring wreath for the door?  It would not stay on the door and on the wall it felt like it needed a little somethin somethin...

My neighbors have been treated to the beautiful music of the favorite instrument of bloggers everywhere...

the spray paint can!

wow, it felt good to unleash the painting beast in me!

This frame got a dose of the dove white and sandpaper too, and then I hung my favorite mustache pics of the kids on the original wire.

I am making my way back into the spray paint band slowly,  I painted these two frames and distressed them, and then this morning I painted my new garden.
yup, I painted my garden.
I am planting a salad garden in a cast off dresser.
I can't wait to plant the vegies I bought yesterday.

We will be feasting on 2 types of tomatoes, 4 types of lettuce, sweet basil, cinnamon basil, nasturtium, and mint for the crazy amounts of ice tea that Duane and I drink.

Let's hope that I can make it as Ms. Green Jeans this year!
I have tried to grow tomatoes in the past and well, the plants shriveled up to brown twigs.
(maybe I was trying to grow dried tomatoes!) LOL

I promise pics as soon as I get it planted.

without further adieu...
 here are the promised peonies...

aren't they just beautiful?

Thanks for stopping by!

Theresa xoxo

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  1. Your peonies are pure perfection, Theresa!! One of my favorite-est flowers, and I love how they encircle the bay of your home. Gorgeous! Love your double porches too!! How cool is THAT!! But, frankly, have me worried....a salad garden in a dresser?? I've planted many a thing in many a strange vessel...but never a dresser!! I HAVE to see this!!! Hurry up and get it planted so we can SEE!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (PS - Wore my bee pendant and got tons of compliments - of course!) :o))

  2. Love the Mustache photos & of course the frame.... I can't wait to see the photos of the Dresser Garden ~ Leave it to YOU to come up with the Cleverest idea in the World!

  3. Your house is absolutely divine! I would love to come over for a glass of lemonade and set a spell on you either one of those lovely porches!

  4. So beautiful!!!! Now, I can't wait to see your salad dresser, sounds really fun! xoxo Debra

  5. Found you on WW - wow! Your frames are fabulous, as are your gorgeous peonies. What a beautiful view of the front of your home. Lovely!
    - Susan

  6. Oh my gosh girl... those are BEAUTIFUL!!! As is your home!!!

    And so you know... I'm laughing so hard at "the painting beast"... LOLOLOL


    I LOVE the frame!!!

  7. Oh my goodness Theresa, your home is just stunning!! That is my dream to own a home like that someday! And your peonies are so beautiful in front of your home!
    Have a lovely day.

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  9. Wow Theresa such beauty!! Peonies always remind me of my Grandma, boy could she grow them! Me I kill them. I think I have to much shade here. I am lovin the ideal of that salad garden in a dresser!! Very cool. Those white frames look so sweet and shabby. How blessed you are to have two porches like that!! XO Love, Fran.

  10. I love the mustache gang! Very cute. Love that old frame too.

    But what I love the most is your gorgeous display of peonies!!! Wow!


  11. I love the frames and the dresser idea, I am doing the same thing! And I just picked my peonies. My late dad called them "Pee On These" becauase my dogs would lift their legs on them. 8>)

  12. That 'stache photo cracks me up! My 5 year old just went to a birthday party and a little black mustache was in the goody bag. Needless to say, he's been wearing it everywhere!


  13. Oh yes , they do look beautiful in front of you house ! Lovely !

  14. Oh, the peonies....will they bloom more than once or is it one grand and glorious show?
    Love it!

  15. You have such a lovely home! Such an inviting porch! I wish I could grow peonies here in central Texas! They are one of my favorite flowers.

  16. Your house is just lovely and I'd love to come visit and sit on the porch and relax with you! Those frames are just great too!!

  17. It's been too windy to spray paint here lately Theresa, but I LOVE what you have gotten done. You find the loveliest frames I have ever seen!
    I love the facial hair!!!
    I am drooling over the gorgeous peonies. YOu have my dream home you know!!!
    hugs from here...

  18. such pretty precious peony posies!


  19. I have always loved those pics of your kids wearing the mustache and you displayed them beautifully in the old, distressed frame.
    Gorgeous peonies...the color looks to be a perfect match to your roof!
    Have a great weekend.

  20. Oh my gosh--how beautiful!!! You won't believe what I did--I bought a white antique frame for the "wedding party" and by accident, I didn't post the pic and I don't know how to insert the pic on the post...geez!!! I love yours!!! it's so gorgeous!!

  21. Love the picture display in the frame of the kiddos! I can't wait to see the garden. How does one water this garden? Containers have a drip bowl?

  22. OMG Theresa, your home is gorgeous!!!!!The flowers are amazing. LOVE the frames you painted:) Can't wait to see your garden dresser. What an awesome idea. You are just so creative:) Have a wonderful weekend.
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  23. I really like the frames on the porch is a big challenge to me. If I sink plenty of money into with plants it looks great but just not in the budget now. I wish I was smelling a bouquet of peonies right now...

  24. Great photo frame idea. I just love those Vintage frames! Thanks for sharing.
    Xxx Liz

  25. Oh, your house is every ones dream! Just gorgeous! favorite!


  26. Magical and lovely!

    If you have a chance, please stop by my blog and enter my giveaway.

    Happy Monday!

  27. Simply enchanting, your blog is always such a breath of sweet inspiration! Have a lovely week!

  28. Just discovered your blog when searching pinterest for wreaths. Love love love all your wonderful ideas. What fabric did you use for the curtains on your porch. I so want to make some for mine.


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