Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I managed to finish a project...

This is serious people...
it seems that since summer has kicked in I haven't been able to really FINISH anything!

I started this bag in April...
good grief!
It was for Danielle for her birthday
I found the transfer from a site on etsy


they have wonderful downloadable graphics to use in so many ways...
best part?  They are having a $1.00 sale!
get on over there!!!

I made this from a GW skirt and I sewed the bottom up to create a bag out of it.
You would think that with the ease of this little project I would have been able to finish it much sooner.
not so.
it still needed a handle and I was kinda stumped.

I wanted it to be soft and I wanted more of a strap kinda thing
So I bought some cotton rope from the upholstery section and I braided it.
then I  sewed the across the ends quite a few times so that it wouldn't unravel.
In this photo you can see the ruffly reason that I bought this skirt in the first place.
such a sucker for ruffles...

Then just to be sure it didn't fray, I dipped the ends in FabriTac
I think Elmers or Mod Podge or really any kind of glue that dries clear will work
but FabriTac was the closest and easiest to find.

I think she plans on filling in the blanks herself...

To make this even easier, it was a drawstring skirt!
crazy easy!

So what's on the dining room chalkboard behind the chair?

another quote that I found on Pinterest...

I think I need to start a series called

What's on the Chalkboards Today...

I'm going to share a cute (well at least to me) story about MY SORRY
When my older kids would do something that they needed to apologize to eachother for
I would tell them to say THEIR SORRY...
get it?
They would come back saying that either they said "my sorry" or that the other
person (usually a sibling) would not accept "my sorry"
So it stuck!

Now on to the other project  that I finished

yes, I started this in April too.
but it's finished now!

I bought this transfer from Graphique also.

The chalkboard also got some changes...
Hannah loves to look for inspirational words too
so she went on pinterest herself and found this one.
I love it...

"if you really want to catch your dreams, you have to chase them"
so true.

I also took off the burlap garland, it was a bit too fussy for the simplified look I am going for.
imagine that!

Well, there you have it...
2 finished projects in one week!

now to finish the workroom/studio that is what I am referring to as

the monkey on my back...

I'll let you know when the monkey jumps off!

Happy Wednesday!

Theresa xoxo

linking to :
Club GW @ Charm Bracelet Diva

it's been a while since I've been a real party girl,
time to remedy that!


  1. I love the completed projects Theresa! I am assuming the transfers can be done with an iron? I still have not tried anything that needs to print out of my printer so iron-ons would be perfect for me!
    Today I am working on soldering my first jewelery pieces and I am nervous as heck. Isn't great though to get some of these projects off our plates?
    Have a wonderful day and keep creating the lovelies!
    Tina xo

  2. Great job on the projects! The gym bag is really cute! Come over to my house and finish my projects! I have so much to do around here! Love Hannah's inspirational quote. So true! I can't wait to see when that monkey takes the leap!

  3. the bag
    love, Love, LOVE the "we do" chalkboard!!!

    xo, Rosemary

  4. That bag is adorable!!

    Susan and Bentley

  5. augh!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bag!!!

    I'm jealous... I wish I could finish at least one project. Just one... that's it.

    ;-D robelyn

  6. I love messages on chalk boards too and the quotes with the second chances is great. You are so creative making a bag from a thrifted skirt. Cute! Your wheels are always turning and you make the cutest stuff.

  7. Love your "dones" Theresa - especially that bag! How sweet is that?! And two projects off your plate!! I haven't accomplished a dang thing - in a long time, and have no excuses!! Loved your "sorry" story....That is so sweet! Have a wonderful Wednesday....Good luck monkey wrasseling! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  8. Glad to see ya'll are putting those chalkboards to good use. Using a skirt to make a bag is such a great idea. You finished it and the pillow off beautifully. April isn't so long ago. I have projects from the 80's I haven't finished. And I started a cross-stitching for my second son when I was pregnant with him. He will be 13 in October and I never completed it. :/ I always say I will do one thing before I move on to something else but seem to have a real problem with focus. Hope you are having a wonderful day. Tammy

  9. That bag is just gorgeous. Love that you made it from a skirt.

    Also love your chalkboard with words of wisdom such as "really sorry". How many times do we tell our kids to say I'm sorry when their hearts are having a hard time doing it. Then we can talk about what being sorry really is and add in talking about God's forgiveness. Anyway...sorry for the extra long soapbox thing there. :)

  10. I love it all Theresa!!! That bag is super fabulous, what a lovely gift!!! And your chalk boards are to die for. You can never have enough chalk boards in the home!
    Have a wonderful day sweet friend.

  11. Hey Party Girl! Thanks for sharing your great works, love the bag and the pillow. I'm a ruffly lover too! WOuld love to see you over aat my Club G.W. with Charm Bracelet Diva Party going on right now!


  12. Hi Theresa,
    You are the winner of my bird cage!! Congratulations!! I've got it posted on my blog...Just email me your address, okay?


  13. I wish I had learned to sew!
    Your projects look so good.
    I love your My Sorry story too,We have an F word story our F word was FAIR as in that's not fair she didn't have to_____. We were even grounded for saying the f word.
    Too funny when we talk about it now.
    X's & O's

  14. LOL....I have a few monkeys on my back that I sure wish would jump off soon! I am in love with your bag. And how clever to use a GW ruffly skirt. I was at a yard sale last weekend and this guy had a bunch of Army stuff he was selling. I stared and stared at some bags laying on the ground that I just knew would make something wonderful. My mind was totally blank and in the end I didn't buy them. Trying to pare down right now. I should have gotten them, especially seeing your darling bag. xo

  15. Hi Theresa,
    I'm want to mail your birdcage today! Can you email me your address?

  16. I had such fun reading today and getting all caught up on your posts...the projects are CUTE...not sure which I like the best...the bag, the pillow or the chalkboard! The photos of your girl are darling...good for her! I am going to check out that etsy shop, for sure.
    Have a great day!

  17. I love bag and blog! I'd love for you to share it today at my Pinkalicious Blog Party
    Also, I wanted to let you know that I am hosting a New Party this Sunday, July 17th called The Barter Bazaar. Barter your wares with other bloggers for free shopping (maybe a little shipping $). Spread the word!

  18. Great job, I love the pillow and the satchel. I am a new follower.

  19. I love the bag. I have been trying to sew a bag for my Dad's laundry since Christmas. He lives with us (in our living room) and keeps his laundry in a plastic bag. My LR is all whites. I could NOT think of something simple to make a bag out of that was simple, but not too feminine. I think a skirt might work. Thanks for the inspiration,

  20. Don't feel bad I've had projects that have gone on for yrs. decades even. At this point I don't much care about them just can't seem to throw them out. I need help.

    I love the way they both came out. Will have to check out that link.

    Carole the little story about the my sorry!

  21. Well, you sure have been productive this week! Beautiful projects! Love the blackboard sayings, too!

  22. I LOVE both projects, especially the bag for Hannah. That graphic is fabulous....thanks for the link to the etsy shop, I'll check it out.
    I'm glad to read I'm not the only one with unfinished projects from months ago. I have a lot of those hidden away in my studio (see, I didn't show you those pictures)!!
    It sounds like you are having a great summer and that's the important thing.

  23. Hey there...I came by earlier but got called away (Roo) before I could get a word in :) & you know me...I like to get a lot of words in!

    You know your kids are so you see it as much as we do? Maybe that is why I am in love with the whole lot :) I am a little worried because Annie is so me too. I have to watch it...I have been pretty snappy lately...& so has she :) I need her to take sweetness lessons from Hannah. Can Hannah come over to play?

    Your handiwork is beautiful Teresa! Maybe someday I will actually enjoy sewing instead of just enduring it :) That would be fun. Good job finishing those projects! & in summer too!


  24. Hi, I love how the bag turned out. I ordered some great pics from Graphique without knowing how to transer the image onto the material, Is there a tutorial you can refer me to?


  25. Just adore the bags you have created! Also what a nice chalkboard- this is one project I have been waiting to do myself.


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