Wednesday, October 20, 2010

White Rosettes for White Wednesday...

And a sweet little silver bird to go with them...
Grain sack rosettes with a perfectly tarnished silver bird from a vintage salt and pepper set with nubby creamy wool leaves sitting on...
the mother of all pumpkins! Truly, I wanted to share something besides another pumpkin today for White Wednesday but my little world has been full of little else! (you should see the dining room table, and if you do, let me know which spot you cleared off!) this is how my brain works, I find something I love making and then I consider what other materials can be used to make more, so as not to get bored making said thing. I try to make every one of them differently by adding a little twist here and there that way I still enjoy the process.
I love that this old grain sack says Oct.1938 on it, perfect for the season don't ya think? :)
The new harvest. I'm linking this up to Kathleen's party over at Faded Charm, come on over and join in the fun, the inspiration from the attendees will blow you away! I'm also linking this up to a great party over @ Debras... The Vintage Inspiration Party! So much inspiration here in Blog Land... it's really amazing to me, the wealth of creativity is fabulous!!

Guess what... today is my one year blogiversary! I cannot believe it! I was really intimidated by the whole idea at first, and now one year later I am so glad I jumped in. I have 'met' some amazing people here and you have all enriched my life beyond measure. I wish I could thank you all personally, but until someone around here wins the lottery and/or becomes a pilot I will just have to send you all hugs from cyberspace! I want to do a little giveaway but I want it to be special and not forced. (which given the whole pumpkin thing it would be... seriously these people here @ 612 have me tied to a chair at the table with a can of wool and stuffing near by, only letting me up to make them food) (send help) :O So I will put my little thinking cap on and come up with something and surprise you all! Mostly I am only telling you about the date because I wanted to tell you all how special you are to me and how happy I am to have you here.

Thanks for stopping by! Theresa xoxo

p.s. I promise the next post will not have a pumpkin amywhere in sight! xoxo



  1. Good Morning Theresa!
    Girl, you are one sweet punkin!!! You make the sweetes ones ever. I love the idea of the rosettes and the grain sacks, wow! Your pumpkin patch is really impressive.

    I'm glad that you are at least being fed! LOL!
    Congratulations on your first year. I'm so glad that I am one of your followers.


  2. Good grief Charlie's the Great Pumpkin. you have that music playing in the background while you work?
    You are a one woman pumpkin factory. (Is there a "patch" for that?)
    Congratulations on your milestone! Now...get back to work!

  3. Congratulations on your one year blog anniversary. I always enjoy coming over for a visit. You create beautiful projects and you have a wonderful sense of humor!
    You can continue to show all the pumpkins you want. I am loving every last one of them!

  4. Congratulations!!

    Loving that big white pumpkin!!!

  5. Those rosettes are so charming. I can picture them on a pillow. lovely.

  6. Theresa, a whole year!!! Congratulations! I love the pumpkins!!!!
    Margaret B

  7. Well happy blogiversary Theresa!!!!!!! I love these creative! Yet another way to use grain sacks...which I love...these are just so cool!!!

    Hugs ~

    :) T

  8. ...oh dear Theresa ~ where to begin?!
    *LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pumpkin!!!!!!
    * Happiest Blog-versary:), Sooo happy to be able to come and "visit" you anytime I wish!
    * I adore looking at your pumpkins so keep them coming ~ WHO could be tired of looking at those??!
    xo, Rosemary

  9. p.s. WOW-we-WOW-WOW-WOW!!!!
    I just posted and was going to go visit your etsy shop to see if I could get my hands on that fabo pumpkin, when what to my wondering eyes should appear ~ BUT you most AWESOME new blog reveal!!!
    I LOVE IT!!! Especially your header! Way to go gorgeous!!
    xo, Rosemary

  10. Well that is the most awesomest pumpkin I have seen yet and a high five on your one year anniversary. Way to go...your blog is just wonderful and Happy White Wednesday.

  11. Hi Theresa, Congratulations on your year anniversary. And the pumpkins look wonderful and the roses also. Enjoy your blog anniversary.....Julian

  12. Boy do I love your pumpkins!! It's a little late for me, but yours have inspired me for next year!!!
    ¸.*´¸.**´¨) ¸.**´¨)
    (¸.*´ (¸.*´* LORI LYNN *

  13. Congrats on one year my friend! That is terrific. I just love the grain sack rosettes and the pumpkins. You are so talented!

  14. Congratulations Theresa!

    It all whirs right by doesn't it? You should be very proud of all that you have accomplished. Yummy grain sack giant. I've been checking into pumpkin rehab for you..
    the number to call is 1- 800- witchey poo



  15. Thank you for stopping by, I think your pumpkins are gorgeous, we don't do Halloween or Thanksgiving in Australia- and it's Spring so totally the wrong season, but if I lived over your way I would want one of those.

  16. Congratulations!!! I am HAPPY HAPPY that you started blogging!!!

    And seriously - too many pumpkins? No way - I expect to see more... 'cause I LOVE this one!!!

    ;-D robelyn

  17. I LOVE the pumpkin! Happy Anniversary!

  18. Congrats on your blogger versary. I love the sweet birdies with the rosette and you know the pumpkins are just too stinkin adorable.

    Thanks for the inspiration Theresa!


  19. those pumpkins are so neat -what a different idea!

  20. Theresa, your pumpkins are just beautiful! It is difficult to pick my favorite! Congrats on the one year. My "Document cloth" was purchased at a local fabric shop. However, I have seen it online....Ballards is one online shop that carries it. Thank you for stopping by with your kind comments.

  21. I'm loving that huge feed sack pumpkin!

  22. Hey Theresa! Congrats on your one year in blog land. I love seeing what your crafty little mind is up to. Those pumpkins are fabulous. Even with crocheting, as long as I change colors, I can keep working on the same kinda pattern. But if I had to use the same color over and over, I would go bonkers. Happy day to you! Best wishes, Tammy

  23. Happy Blogiversary ~ Now from the Mother of All Pumpkins, How Big Is that One??? Just Love your pumpkins ~ that Orangish Plaid is pretty Stylin! Have a Great weekend ~ I'm getting ready to head to My Daughter's House on Saturday, I'll be Bubbie Sitting for an Entire Week, while they go on a Cruise ~ it's been a Long time, since I was in Total Charge of a 1, 3 & 7 year Old ~ Lord Help Me ~

  24. If the only thing you ever made was pumpkins, I would consider you an artistic genius, but you have created oodles of other things too, all with your special flair. Awesome! Congratulations on your one-year blogiversary!

  25. Happy Anniversary. I love all your pumpkins. The grain sacks one is gorgeous and very unique. I'm going to stick around and check out your blog.

  26. I would never have thought of putting a little silver bird on a pumpkin, but I LOVE IT! How sweet. I am also in love with the rosettes. Beautiful work.

  27. I love those pumpkins!!I love your blog!! I am trying to reach out and leave coments.... I seem to lurk about, and enjoy reading bolgs and dont leave a comment.
    Your is another favorite I have added, keep creating and loving that family of yours!

  28. Theresa, you have an amazing pumpkin patch. Love all the different ones. That's how I was with the bottles, I just kept making them...couldn't stop. LOL!! Happy Anniversary, I've loved getting to know you, and thanks for linking up with VIF with these cuties!

  29. Beautiful!
    Love all the Pumpkins you made:)))
    Happy 1st year~~~Blog Anniversary !
    So nice to meet you on the pumpkin parade~~~~

    Kay Ellen

  30. Congratulations on reaching your one year blogiversary! I just reached mine this week too. It's been such a fun year, hasn't it? I love your sweet pumpkins with rosettes! They're so pretty :-)

  31. Happy Blog Anniversary Theresa! What absolutely wonderful pumpkins. They brought a big smile. I haven't been much of a blog visitor lately but I was thinking of how things were going in your life. Glad I popped in at a happy celebration time! Hope this next year brings all the best. Bloggy hugs, Pam

  32. Oh Theresa you always have me in stitches. Where does that saying come from anyways??? but I'm using it.
    My hubby would have me tied to the chair too if he could...haha
    Love the new clever girl!
    ps congrats on the 1 yr anniversary!

  33. Hey there!

    Those pumpkins keeping getting fatter & happier! They are so gorgeous how could you NOT share them with us!

    You have a pink pumpkin!!! I am so jealous! I hope you put up picks cause I never even knew there were pink pumpkins!!!

    Happy Blogevesraysyaryay. I can never spell it without looking so I will just leave it at that :) We must have started around the same time! I think I started a few weeks before Halloween. I actually only made a page so I could learn how & teach Kate how...back then she was a mad blog reader & I wanted her to get hers going so bad! I thought mine was just a test blog but here I am a year later! So glad we both stuck with it! Now it would be weird to stop! I better run I have 2 boys making a mad house as I sit here but hope all is well with your sweet fam at 612!

  34. Oh & I totally LOVE your header!!!!!

  35. Happy Blogversary!!! Let's cheer for many, many more posts!!!!

  36. LOVE these!!! I am adding this one to my to do list.

    Heather from WhipperBerry

  37. I absolutely LOVE these! You did an AMAZING job!


Thank you so much for visiting me here at The Old White House, your comments make my day! ~ Theresa xoxo