Tuesday, November 2, 2010

From one holiday to the next in the matter of a day...

I am smitten with Jeanne de Arc, the simple beauty of the muted colors, the soulfulness of the photographs, the inspiration of simple decor in the homes they feature. They have inspired me to create some JDA like Christmas decorations. I 'invested' in the latest issue and oh my goodness, it is gorgeous! So I took a small break from making pumpkins (one morning off!) and started on Christmas! Can you believe it? Christmas! I am never-ever this early on starting my Christmas wares but this year I am determined to not be behind the eight ball, o.k. the seven ball maybe, but not the eight ball!!
I did manage to dig out the turkey platters today to take pics of the last set of pumpkins for etsy. I love this platter, it has a big crack in it but I put it out every year anyway. So for this set of pumpkins I was able to scoop up a bunch of stems from the pumpkin bins when the kids and I shopped for pumpkins. I'm pretty sure by the look on the cashiers face that she thought I was crazy when I asked of I could by the stems. She felt sorry enough for the children of the crazy lady to just let me have them! I love how they turned out, just a little bit of a twist from my other ones. Thank you cashier girl!
I got this deer from Karen @ The Graphics Fairy. I think he is just so cool, I put the picture on a paper mache ornament and the ruffled some crepe paper and the leather button came from a vintage coat that I picked up on Sun. at an estate sale. The coat itself wasn't salvageable but I was able to keep the buttons and the collar so it was still worth the whole .50 I had to fork over for it!
I decorated the back with scrapbook music paper. I still need to decide what kind of a hanger I want these to have.
I actually got all of these images from Karen, this one I took over to Picnik and turned it sepia and gave it a little bit of a grainy/soft look. I love how it turned out, just what I was going for jda style. This is a vintage prayer card that Karen has for us to use, really just beautiful. Thank you Karen!
This one already looked like it was printed on canvas or fabric, really beautiful prayer card of Madonna, I am happy to say that I figured out how to ruffle crepe paper on my sewing machine for all of these - way better than doing it by hand! I wanted to add a special glistening jewel to the Madonna ornies and they just kind of finish them off.
I put music paper (scrapbook) on the back of these also and on the sides I either trimmed them in velvet ribbon or silver glitter. These will be going in my etsy as soon as I figure out what hanger I want to put on them. for more beautiful Madonna and Jeanne De Arc type treasures you really need to go over to visit Michelle over @ Petite Michelle Louise, she has some really soulfull pinkeeps, scapulars and reliquaries, I have already purchased a few for some special Christmas presents!
This is the latest addition to the pumpkin patch, I had more and some of them weren't even white, but I have sold them locally and Duane likes them so much he has given a couple away! I love it when he gets excited by this kind of stuff!
These have an array of handmade decorations some have wool rosettes, or burlap, one has a wool mum and the white one on the right has a silk/bamboo crocheted rosette with a jewel in the middle. I have more goodies to show you, my dining room table is a good indication of how many ideas are jumbled in my brain! Thank goodness Halloween is over so I can focus on this stuff again! Plus it was confusing the kids that I was singing Christmas Carols while hot gluing them into their Halloween costumes! ;0
I am linking this up to Jan's Boardwalk Bragfest and to Kathleens White Wednesday because well I'm in need of a party I tell you!
One last party... there are some great ideas shared over @ Tea Rose Home thanks Sachiko!
I'm also linking up with Karen's Brag Monday to show her what I was able to make thanks to her generosity.

Thank you for stopping by! Theresa xoxo


  1. I especially love the prayer card ornaments-just beautiful!


  2. Hi Theresa,
    Your Christmas decorations are stunning! I love the softness and the serene feeling they evoke. Beautiful!! You've been very busy....I haven't accomplished much lately and tomorrow I have to leave for a business meeting. I wanted to post for WW but had to prep for the meeting instead.....definitely not as much fun as creating.

  3. I Love all of your sweet cards and pumpkin creations!! Cathy aka girls gone junkin

  4. Hi Theresa,
    Your pumpkins are absolutely beautiful and the Jean D'Arc ornaments to die for.....!!
    Happy day!

  5. Hi Theresa,
    ooh all the beauty, love it all. The button over at Kathleen's is linking to Petite Michelle's blog. I clicked twice once I realized it didn't go to you sweetie.

    Thanks for sharing, absolutely love the Madonna & child ~ perfect!

  6. Come up for air girlfriend, or you'll never make it into the home stretch for Christmas.... : D Just how many pumpkins have you made this season? They are all wonderful. One of my friends here locally sent me an email telling me she found this blog with these burlap roses and she wanted to make some like it....yep it was YOU! Too funny, I got to say "oh, you mean my friend Theresa?" small world....

    Happy White Wednesday!



  7. They are beautiful! And the turkey platter is a nice one also. Time just slips by so quick. Have a nice day....Julian

  8. I'm smitten! Those prayer cards are just beautiful - love the crepe paper framing - so cool!

  9. Wow...you've been working so hard. Have you even stopped to eat? Hmmm...might be time to raid the T/T baskets for chocolate. You need to keep your strength up...LOL!

  10. The prayer cards are so delicate and sweet!

  11. ...simply love your new JDA creations!!!
    ~ and your gorgeous white pumpkins!!!

    xo, Rosemary

  12. psssst .... you are the winner of my bling bling hoodie giveaway ...
    guess I'll be needing your address!

    hip hip hooray

  13. Those turned out so beautiful! Don't you like sewing paper?? I love it!!!

  14. Those are beautiful and so inspirational Theresa! This year for the Christmas holidays I think I also will focus more on the spiritual aspect and less on the commercialism! Thanks for sharing those gorgeous creations!
    Tina xo

  15. Those are beautiful Theresa!

    YOU need to run on over to my blog and see who is a WINNER of the Great American Grain Sack Giveaway! :)
    (Hint...I'll need YOUR address)


  16. Hello
    Everything is so lovely...LOVE LOVE the prayer cards you are so talented!!
    Thank you for sharing!

  17. You Girl are So Creative, Beautiful ~ I'm just resting Up & Your Gearing Up for the Next Holiday... Send alittle Energy My Way, Please!

  18. Hi Theresa,
    Another beautiful header, I just love it! And I love your gorgeous ornaments. Anything with the Virgin Mary I adore! If you've see my latest jewelry designs, you know! Just fabulous Theresa, you did another amazing job!
    Have a wonderful day!

  19. Beautiful creations! Thank you fro sharing!

  20. Theresa, I have looked and looked at this beautiful pieces over and over, back and forth, up and down. They are so unique and lovely. The monotone images have a way of taking on personality and each one has a completely different tone. Thank you for sharing this project on the Boardwalk Bragfest. (and congrats on yesterday's big wins).

  21. Too funny about clerk over the pumpkin stems. Someone else out here in blogland picked up stems at the pumpkin patch as well. A local church has a pumpkin stand, now unmanned, open under the honor system. So when I stopped to pick up some stems no one was there to roll their eyes at me and I just put a couple bucks in the donation pail.

  22. Love those prayer card beauties Theresa. And I absolutely love all of your Pumpkins, I love that floral one. I've made a few more also, I am addicted, lol, Thank You sooooo much for inspiring me, lol! I always look at fabric now and say "will it make a pumpkin, lol"! I found a really pretty paisley shirt for one, I'll make sure and tell you when I get that one done. I've put a link to your blog so you may get some scrappin gals over here, lol! Thanks so much for sharing your amazing designs and inspiration!
    ((Hugs)) Theresa

  23. Dear Theresa! I am so happy I dicovered your blog! I like it all, and these cards with Madonna are apsolutly beautiful!

  24. Hi Theresa. I'm starting to think that this is my separate home, I'm over here checking your projects so often (haha). I chose your Christmas decorations to be one of my features for "Bookmarked on the Boardwalk". I know that others will be as equally inspired as I have been by your project. You can take a look at the feature here:


    Feel free to grab the "bookmarked" button, if you like, and congratulations on yet another great project!

  25. Absolutely gorgeous, the pumpkins and everything!

  26. I LOVE the prayer cards. These are just beautiful!

    Vicki at Rusty Rooster Vintage

  27. Oh my goodness, great minds DO think alike! Your ornaments are SO gorgeous! I must learn to ruffle crepe paper. Thanks for your comment!

  28. Oh my gosh, I love, love, love your ornaments!!! Really stunning! And the pumpkins are adorable too! Thank you so much for linking this up to Brag Monday.

  29. Very nice! I love the pumpkins they are beautiful and I love the white and light colors you chose. Also the ornaments would be a great for my neighbors I think.

  30. Hi Theresa!
    I got really excited when I saw some of the ornaments that I purchased from you at the show today on your blog post! I LOVE them all, and I had a really hard time choosing. You have a beautiful home and great style!
    I tried your email button so I could send you the link I was telling you about, but it didn't work for me, so here's the address to the bhg slideshow:


  31. These are all just beautiful projects, Theresa~ you are very creative!!

  32. I came here from The Graphics Fairy where I saw your gorgeous ornaments! I love your pumpkins too! I am now a follower :-)

  33. Hi Theresa.... I found you through Theresa from Binky Blossoms. She let me know that she had seen my Original Sweet Sweater Pumpkins on your blog, so I wanted to come visit and see them! You've done a beautiful job on the white pumpkins, and I love your embellishments.

    Here's the direct link to my tutorial to make them, posted on my blog in 2008: http://hummadeedledee.blogspot.com/2008/09/pumpkin-inspiration-tutorial.html

    Deb @ Retreat & Hummadeedledee


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