Monday, January 28, 2013

sparkle on...

Good Morning!

We had a day full of sunshine on Saturday,
so I took advantage of the sun streaming in the window
and took lots of pictures of the latest creations for

too many pics for sure, but I like choices, what can I say? 

here are just a few...

I love freshwater pearls,
these beauties are a nice greyish color layered with rhinestone rondelles
 and tiny hearts that I have aged to perfection!

The green in these rhinestone disco balls really
sparkles, especially when added to glass bell flowers
in the same hue...

more fresh water pearls, this time in a natural ivory color,
along with the rondelles that I am obsessed with, dangling
from a patina'd rosary connector and crystal beads.
All for a vintage feel to dress up most anything!

It's a snow day, the kids will be sleeping in today
and while they do I will continue to list earrings in the shop.

Yesterday we had a wonderful day of family time
at my dads place.  Lots of laughter, hugs, good conversation and 
a delicious brunch.  It was awesome to see everyone,
my heart was overflowing when we left...
much needed family time.

We had a night of freezing rain/snow,
Max went to bed hoping for a snow day so that
he and Hannah can go sledding today.
I will have the hot chocolate waiting.

Stay warm!

I will be joining in on Debra's party


  1. The Rosary earrings are beautiful. Will you have those for sale?

  2. Your earrings are BEAUTIFUL! I love the green pair!
    I know what you mean about family time, it does the heart good to be near the ones we love!

    I hope you have a wonderful day!

  3. Oh, the earrings with the rosary pieces are amazing. I love them!!!
    So glad you found time with family. Isn't it the best when it's treasured? Have a fun snow day-no snow anywhere near me, but I actually wore a scarf to keep warm!!!

  4. Wowser Theresa beautiful earrings!! Been awhile since stopped by! I love the post on your kitchen update. Don't ya just love using what you have and moving things around! I do! I have been trying to use what I have for crafting too!! Just go to show I have way to much junk!! LOL So glad you are feeling better!! Take care, Spring is just around the corner!! XOXO Love Fran.


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