Tuesday, January 22, 2013

vintage finds in the kitchen...

First of all you must know,
there was a terrible accident in the kitchen... 
my girl broke in 3 pieces and as hard as I've tried
I have not been able to put her back together again.
I can't bear to throw any part of her away and am saving them
until I can figure out a way to save her.
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!!
 Sadly for now I have her head in a little urn wearing 
a new crown made from a chimney guard.
(yes, I realize that to many that sounds gross or weird,
but I just know that you all understand and I 
thank you for that!)

in her former glory...

We had enough sunshine today for me to show you how the barn door counter 
has turned out.  Right now it is cleared of all of the treasures
that I have been creating with.  I have had the metal piece for awhile
now, and dragged it in from the barn to fill with a slew of candles.

a rusty old horseshoe rests on the chippy column

my old eyes thought that this photo turned out much clearer than it actually did,
please adjust your eyes to match my 50 ahem some eyes and 
shake away the bluriness!

seriously my favorite creation to date!

and then there is this one,  I married a very old cupboard with a
curvy chippy old dresser and it has been in our back entrance
forever, until I decided to move it into the kitchen.
It gives us much needed cupboard space and I thought it was too 
cool to be in a hallway that nobody ever saw.
It's huge, that's the refrigerator to the left of it!
(Oliver, the cat, loves to climb to the top and  play King of the Kitchen Jungle)

One of my large silver trays hangs from a satin ribbon
and is adorned with a sprig of boxwood.

The side of the cupboard has the beginnings of a utilitarian brush/broom collection...
garage sale season this spring should add a couple to the collection :)

o.k. I know that this is weird but I have to show you the old square head nail
at the bottom of the front of the cupboard,
it stops the door from swinging open too wide and knocking the light
off of the ceiling.
A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

Sign by Hannah, inspired by one of the best movies ever, The Help,
love it!  Hannah and I just watched it again a week ago and I could
watch it again very soon.
(Did I ever tell you that John was in a recent photo shoot for Interview magazine with Emma Stone?)
I really need to update you on his latest escapades.
teaser... right now he is in Tokyo for 2 months!

The bowl of fruit is to try and keep us on the healthy
track that we are now on...
I know that in the post a couple back, 
that I got kinda silly about having the flu 3 times and you 
probably won't believe it but we got a completely different strain and it 
was horrible, and after the flu my back went out.
I know, right?  
We were jinxed, quite possibly from my snarkiness about 
having the flu so much, so I am serious when I say...
we have been sick enough and I will do whatever it takes
to keep us healthy!!

This little set up on our other counter is one of my natural weapons to date.
I leave it out for all of the germies around here, plus I love how it looks on the pretty platter. 
  (I couldn't find tops to the little glass jars and so grabbed a couple of the 
vintage shooter  marbles that I had recently soldered, problem solved.)
The recipe is from pinterest, I've tried to embed it and it didn't work so here is the link...


basically you add 1tblsp. honey, 1 tblsp. organic cider vinegar, 1/4 tsp. cayenne, 1/4 tsp. ginger
and 2 tblsp. water, take 1 tblsp. for cough, mucus, all the fun stuff.  It really does quiet a cough
and makes you feel better but I will not tell you that I like the taste!
I am not a spicy kind of girl so the cayenne kicks my butt!

Although it's cleaned off for right now here are some of the creations
that I have recently made while sitting here...

A vintage religious medal encased in a soldered pendant along with some 
vintage inspired earrings.  

A reconstructed bracelet made into earrings of fresh water pearls and
crystal rondelles...

and another pair earrings, vintage inspired religious medal connectors with fresh water pearls.
The light at the table is wonderful when the sun is shining
and it makes it a perfect place to work.
I have more to share, so as soon as I get
some more great light I will take pictures to show you
all of the fun/work I have been up to!

How about you?
Have you created something out of scraps,
something that makes your heart go pitter patter? 
I'd love to hear about it!


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  1. I am so sorry your girl is under the weather...I know I could not bear to throw her away, either, but would probably use her for Halloween, now, with her head in the urn (probably not what you wanted to hear). Hope you're all on the mend from the flu! Love the new jewelry...hope your week is wonderful! XOXO

  2. love seeing all the updates. I've got the same creepin crud I had this time last year and most days I feel like i'm hackin' up lung..so your recipe will be tried tomorrow. I don't have organic cider vinegar but I'll try ole Heinz anyway... I need relief...and about a gross more kleenex.... achoooooooo <3
    pretty kitchen my dear...

  3. You've been busy Theresa.....love everything! So sad about the statue accident!

  4. I love the barn door counter! It all looks so lovely and it's no wonder that you have created such beautiful pieces in this spot. Sorry about your girl, I don't know how to fix her but I'm sure you will get some ideas from other commenters. Take care and drink your poison, if it helps it's worth it right?

  5. i love it all, theresa! the broken head in the urn, the counter, the candles in the tin thing, the old cupboard, the jewelry!! and i LOVE the little lights in the birdcage on top of the column! i can't tell if those are candles or twinkle lights, but i love it and it has inspired me today. i am sending you some healing/healthy vibes as it is horrible being sick...

  6. KInda digging the old girls new look but I'm over the moon for the barn door counter top. Always a delight to visit your page.

  7. Your kitchen looks so cozy and peaceful. there is so much to enjoy, vintage treause artfully displayed everywhere you look. It's lovely.

  8. Hi Lovely, I'm your new follower from Linky Party.
    Love your awesome blog. Feel free to check out & follow my blog @ www.revampspunkyrena.com

  9. Theresa
    I love all of your creative beauty. Wow it so wonderful to see how you style this all in your home. Hoping that you are back to your healthy self very soon


  10. Hi there! What a gorgeous space! I love the giant bowl of citrus...hope you are healthy now. Popped over from the alt class!

  11. everything is soooooooo beautiful!!!
    and hahahaha, on the old eyes, I do that all the time!

  12. I just heard that recipe on the radio. I hear it works pretty well. Also I guess some company is making Influenza Sorbet also, many of the same ingredients, I guess it sells for $12 a pint thought so we won't be getting any here. And totally stinks about getting the flu so many times. I have been told it's a horrid year for it.

    Super cool about John! Wow! That is too exciting! Yay for him! What a super experience. You will have to tell us of his adventures sometime. And what about Danielle? Is she loving life?

    Hope you are doing well. It's been a long January here for some reason. Usually we have a sunny month, but this year it's been dreary and cloudy. And much too cold! Much too cold, and with no snow, the cold is even more of a bummer to take.

    As usual I seemed to have written a book! Take care, stay healthy. And sorry about your girl and the kitchen accident. Sounds horrid, looks even worse, I just know you will find some great way to salvage her though!


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