Thursday, December 9, 2010

decorating in bits and pieces...

Lets just say I'm going to do everything in small stages this year... the decorating is coming along and I am enjoying the process of doing it bits at a time.  I am constantly adding here and there and it will go on right up til the 25th so this just feels right. today.

My chipped up swan has made it all over the house both inside and out, I keep her indoors in the winter because she has endured enough damage and I don't know how much more she can take.  She wears  a delicate stran of pearls that also couldn't take much more wear.  This sits on the garden table I brought in from the patio, along with a little cloche with a spoon ornie in it that I made last year.  (boxes are still not upstairs, so I am using what I find in the workroom)

Now that I have taken the pictures a couple of times I want to add a little somethin,somethin to the table yet, I'm hoping the somethin is in the boxes!

Here's what I mean about adding... I remembered that I hadn't shown you these clock ornies that I made from a download over at justsomethingimade and well, I think there pretty cute so I changed the large rusty candleholders in the back.  Those were actually old rusty lamps that I found at a sale way cheap because the man couldn't believe anyone would even want them!  Yay me!!

 here is another version of the clock ornie all on the same download.

o.k. now on to the kitchen...

I moved the furniture around a bit (on Thanksgiving morning no less)  and really like the new arrangement, ofcourse ask me again in 3 months or so and you might get a different answer!
the light on this side of the kitchen changed as I was taking pics. so bear with me o.k.?  The little bird on the lid of the tureen is from Michelle Palmers etsy, isn't he adorable?  The banner I made with vintage white ladies hankies, some are embroidered and some are plain.  This one didn't sell at the show and now I'm glad it didn't because I love it in here!

 a close-up of the center, I ironed on the Madonna and child from Graphics Fairy.

Here is the little garage sale find fireplace in the kitchen.   I plan on painting it white and chipping it up a bit when I come up with the time.  note to self... find time!  I added the little chalkware cherub that I found at the GW this week.  These are my favorite new pictures of the kids all wearing the famous yellow mustache, love them... the pics and the kids ofcourse!

o.k. now to finish off this post of bits and pieces, I just wanted to show off something Hannah is making for a Christmas present...

I know... how sweet is that?  She started it when she was sick with the flu.  She just needs to fill in the snowflakes, she  did all of this without asking for a bit of help.  Her stitches are what she figured out by herself,  I hope the person who gets this will appreciate the love and care she put into it. 

Well that's it for today.  Most of the roping ended up inside, I couldn't get it to hang outdoors and well it was really cold out.  I like it in here, the kitchen windows got some, the mirrors, the fireplace in the living room, more pics to come!

I hope you are enjoying the process as much as I am!  Theresa xoxo


  1. ...I could just visit here all day! So many happy little suprises await me at every turn.
    My favorite is the graceful swan...
    xo, Rosemary

  2. Wow, it sure all looks pretty! I love the swan, it's a great piece and I have a hutch similar to yours and have wanted to paint it white, maybe I'll do that over the holidays! Have great rest of the week, T

  3. Bits and pieces is what is happening here at oldgreymare too.

    It all looks so pretty Theresa and of course I'm lovin' Hannah's stitchery. How sweet!

    If I have to pick favorites, love the stars on the white tree and the hanging tin tray...

    merry merry


  4. It all looks so good! and the kids are adorable! have a great week!

  5. Hi Theresa, That swan is a beauty! What a great treasure for hloiday decor. And everything ealse look's beautiful also. Thank You for stopping by.....Julian

  6. Hi Theresa ~ It's sure looking Festive.... Love that white cabinet, The Fireplace surround (even More Fab when you paint & Chip it up) Lovin that Old White Feather tree.... How sweet is that Stitching that Hannah is Creating ~ What a Lucky person that will be to Receive such a Wonderful Gift... Stay Warm, The Snow & Cold is On It's Way~ Take Care *<<<-

  7. Oh my gosh girl - when you get done with your house you're coming to mine, right? It's okay if it's after Christmas. LOL

    Theresa - that Swan is DIVINE!!! And Hannah? She gets it from her Mama! I'm going back up to drool over it all again...

    ;-D xoxo

  8. I love that swan! The pictures of the kids are so cute, I find the greatest pictures are the fun and goofy ones! That feather tree is great !


  9. Everything is looking festive! I just love your decorating style. I can't believe you found that fireplace at a garage sale!! The display that you have on that is one of my favorites.

  10. Such lovely decorating, Theresa~ so peaceful! I love the mustache photos!

  11. Theresa, thank you for your congratulations on Vintage Charm. You do so many fabulous things, I just know magazines would love all of your creativity! You are far more talented than I am. The only difference between those that are published and those that aren't is, submitting projects. Thank you so much for your kind words, I am so thankful for fellow bloggers. My family as lovely as they are, just don't really get what I do, so all of my congrats comes from lovely people like you.


  12. The process of decorating for the holidays is much more to me than the actual day itself, for my children are grown and live in another state. So I have time to myself to play around and craft. I love what you've done here! I had such fun drooling over your photos!

  13. I forgot to say that her stitches are very good and even as well! And I embroider, so I'm familiar with what it takes to do this!

  14. I am so in love with your new look!!! It looks like the pages of JDL. It's charming with all the natural touches that bring it to life.
    Fun seeing and reading about your outing for the perfect tree. We had no snow but lots of rain. Kept most people away yesterday but I think the snow would have really gotten everyone in the spirit. We like you have our tree outside waiting to come in. Maybe tonight if we don't get home too late.

    Happy tree decorating!


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