Wednesday, December 1, 2010

the wheels are still turning...

No time to chat really, I tore up the workroom, which consequently means I tore up the entire downstairs... and I haven't even begun to decorate!  Can you feel the craziness?  I just thought I'd leave you with some pictures and a quick hello...
look at that fabulous label!

 some vintage bottles that I decorated...

 Some big (o.k. I'll be honest, almost obnoxious)  poofy flowers to wear and feel all girly!  I love to feel girly and I swear these do the trick, I love to wear them and always feel a little special when I do! scouts honor!!

 So there you have it, the craziness ensues... I will be getting this house in order TODAY and then on to more creative endeavors!  I stopped at a friends house today and she was decorating for Christmas, and man oh man did I just want to stay there and play instead of coming home to work!  But alas here I am... I will play soon enough for now I really gotta roll up my sleeves and make some sense of this place!

All of these things will be added to my etsy soon, probably as I fall asleep tonight, so excuse any typos!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you are having a fabulous day!  Theresa xoxo


  1. Love the bottles! The labels are great...

  2. Your bottles are wonderful, you could just display them all on a mantel for xmas and there done and done LOL!
    I am with ya, I gotta get my butt in motion, clean my studio and do my 500th post today, but yet I have been on the couch for 4 hours saying, I need to....

  3. Teresa, I love the black and white family photo. Those mean so much to us. If they only knew. The bottles are wonderful. Thanks for the entertainment! judy

  4. I like what you did with the vintage tree. That is cool Theresa. Have a good day.......Julian

  5. Looks like you are having fun over there! Lots of great stuff. Love the altered bottles. I have got to start making stuff this weekend. How in the heck did December get here so fast? Have a great rest of the day. Happy cleaning! :) Tammy

  6. OMG! Love the bottle brush tree and the gorgeous bottles! You are one talented woman!

  7. OH I LOVE all these goodies...I get inspired every time I visit your wonderful blog, Theresa! Thanks!

  8. I love it all, esp. the flowers! Don't work too hard.

  9. Like the others much wonderful inspiration. I love the bottle brush tree in the old music recorder thingy!! I have a couple of those around the house always get me thinking!!
    Good luck with all of the projects!

  10. These are so magical; Love all the vintage touches!

  11. The bottle brush tree is fabulous! And I do love the label on the old tin!

  12. Love, love, love that bottle brush tree and the label is to die for!

  13. Whatever you decide to do, don't forget to really show off that adorable tree in the first robbed my heart!!!

  14. Love all your creations! Keep creating, and decorating too, I know you, you are sneaking some in here and there!!!


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