Thursday, December 16, 2010

what is old is new again - angel style...

remember this guy...

Well he got a little makeover!
Now he's my little primitive angel hanging outside the front door.  I'm showing him on my favorite old crackled door that I use for all of my 'display shots'    and I think I want to add a battery operated candle for him to hold outside.  I will take another shot outdoors for you later...  (he almost looks like he has a tear doesn't he) 

Love those chippy white 'wings' I've been hanging on to for so long now!

I hope everyone is feeling joyful and a little less stressed than I am right now... I had every intention of NOT feeling this way this year, so I'm going to end this with deep breaths and put on some Christmas music and put the lights on the tree! yup, they're still not on there... deep breaths.

If you haven't entered the giveaway stop by my post here and grab yourself a chance at a cool house sign!  Remember, you don't have to do all of the steps, just stop in and leave a comment if that's all the time you have!   I was really just kidding about the telling me I'm special part, but I do appreciate those of you who played along with that!!!  ~ you still get it as a 4th chance though, just to show how special I really am!  xoxo

Thanks for stopping by!  Theresa xoxo    (breathing normally now, I promise)


  1. So your angel had a bit of gender adjustment? No wonder you are stressed!

    Hang in there dear and remember the only one making the demands is you on you..... As women we always do this...Seems we would have evolved more by now....I am making 4 types of cookies this year, no more, I did not decorate even 1/2 of what I usually do and it still looks pretty. My mantra this year was ENOUGH!

    SO crank up the bing crosby, dance a jig and get those lights on... It's all good.



  2. Great to see that the Cycle of Life even exists in the Art World.... Now He's an Angel ~ How Creatively Perfect! xox

  3. Love his makeover. This is really wonderful!! and I love your old door, hope you're having a wonderful week!!!

  4. Hi Theresa
    I love your angel!!!!Everything is crazy this time of year, I too hope you can enjoy through the stress.

    sending you my best!!!

  5. Hi Theresa, your primitive guy looks fabulous as an angel. Great makeover! I just saw your post about cutting the Christmas tree. Brrr! I just can't imagine the cold. It gets below 70 here and we are freezing in these concrete buildings. Your family stockings are so beautiful. Did you decide what to do for the guys? I didn't do anything that I had planned for teachers and co-workers at school. Oh well! I will do something over the break and give it to them in the New Year. I was just feeling so overwhelmed this whole past week. But now, I know that I have time and I can breathe! It's a wonderful thing. Stay safe and warm! Happy creating. Tammy

  6. ...hey, why does everyone assume an angel is a women??
    ((besides the fact that WE are the wind beneath their wings ~ LOL!!))
    but seriously, I like your Gabriel!!
    ~ and not to worry dear one,
    do what you can and let the rest go!!
    Your dear ones will love you more for just being present in the moment and happy!!
    xo, Rosemary

  7. The little guy makes a perfect angel. I just love the sweet funny face and yes, it does look like a little tear of joy.

    Take another deep breathe and exhale, you'll get through it.


  8. I always thought angels were male anyway? Not sure! Anyway, I love what you did with the little man, he looks a whole lot better as an angel! Talk about recycling!

  9. Love angel man. Too bad real men are not more like him!

  10. I love how you transformed him into an fun...and he does look like he has a tear!

  11. Love your transformed Angel Theresa, he is so happy he made it to being and Angel and looking over your home he shed a lttle tear, how sweet is that! Love his chippy wings too, they are Perfect! Take a Deep breath and TRY not to stress, if it all doesn't get done no one will know except you because we all won't say a thing, lol!
    ((Hugs)) and Take Care,

  12. Your angel is so sweet in his new persona. This time of year is joyous and stressful and bittersweet and so many other emotions rolled together. Take a step back and savor a moment or two of peace. You home looks absolutely gorgeous. I have been having such fun looking at all the photos.
    You really are special Theresa!

  13. They are too CUTE! Wishing you and your family a HAPPY CHRISTMAS! Julian

  14. Your angel makes a great girl angel. i think he/she is enjoying the change. The wings are fabulous. Have a told you lately I love the new look of your blog and your photos are wonderful.
    Just wanted to get that out!

    Not too stressed but the tree still hasn't seen one decoration on it. I'm hoping tonight. Stayed out too late last night but had a blast!

    Merry merry to you!


  15. He seems to be taking his make-over in stride!
    You did a great job with him and he looks amazing on that door!

  16. Your guy brought a smile to my face!

    Be merry and bright!

  17. Theresa, I am lovin' your angel! Your crackley door sure got my attention too. Wow, so now that I know you are at 612 Riverside...I just may have to come over and borrow that little treasure.LOL!

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas sweet friend!

    long Christmas hugs to you...

  18. Yes those chippy white wings finish him off beautifully. Sure does look like a tear!


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