Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Fathers Day!

I am going to repost this because the sentiment will always remain the same.

Meet my dad...

A week or so ago I came across an essay that I wrote in grade school about my Dad.
The title... "My Hero"
I rattled off all of the roles my dad played in my life at the time.
He is a pretty amazing man... at the time I was growing up with my 11 brothers and sisters my dad was on the school board, the Mayor of our town and ran his own accounting business.
I remember coming home from school and all of us marching through his office to tell him hello and grab a piece of candy from his candy jar on the desk.
(his office was next to the house)

(this pic is from our last family reunion in 09 and I am the snake charmer of the carny people)

He raised us with the lessons of equality for everyone, love and kindness with a strong work ethic.
Can you even imagine feeding, clothing and housing 12 kids? He did it and though I know it couldn't have always been easy, I never heard him complain about it. not once.
He is one of the most positive people you would ever meet, and that is one of the best lessons he has passed on to his children and his grandchildren.
When him and Mom got married they said they wanted 12 kids. Well maybe Mom said it but he went along with it!
funny what love will make you agree to :)

When I was at that age where I thought I was ready to settle down I knew I wanted to marry a man with those same values.

I got my wish.

Duane is a wonderful father and husband and this pic. is a good example of what he loves best.
Being outside wearing a flannel shirt and hanging with his kids.
He is passing on all of the lessons that his dad and my dad both embraced.

I know I've said it before but

I am blessed.

just being a kid,
I love when he can just be one of the kids!


Theresa xoxooxoxoxoxo

thanks for indulging me!


  1. Hey there you snake charmer, you! :) Being 1 of 12, I can't even imagine. I have 1 brother. Your dad certainly sounds like a wonderful man. Great picture of Duane with the kids. All that beautiful green grass -- how I miss it! Best wishes, Tamy

  2. Great photos Theresa! Sounds like you have at least two wonderful men in your life!! That photo of you and your dad is precious!! You can see the love and warmth in his eyes and his smiles - and in yours....Doesn't get any better than that! Hope you enjoyed your day with your awesome "men!" Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. Our daddies are our first heroes and woe to the man who falls short of the standards they set! Praise God you got you one who measured up.
    I'm willing to bet a dollar to a donut with 12 kids in the house and smiles that big to really was a three ring circus for you growing up. From one sideshow to another...we wouldn't have missed the ride for nothing...right?
    P.S. What is it with men and bumper cars. I have several photos of Cat Daddy in 'em! Do you think they pretend they're Jeff Gordon or something?

  4. What a beautiful love story!! XO Love, Fran.

  5. Oh - I love this post!!! The bumper cars... I'd be in one too! LOL!


  6. What a beautiful post, and 12 kids - that must have been some wild times. Many memories I bet and a few laughs along the way.
    Wishing you a wonderful week

  7. lovin' this post sweetie..yes, you are lucky and so are they :D

  8. Such a sweet post, Theresa. What a blessing, indeed!

  9. Yep, You are blessed to have such wonderful men in your life!


  10. You have a wonderful dad and a wonderful husband! You are indeed blessed.

  11. I think your dad is awesome too! When I read that your parents wanted 12 kids, I thought they were really something special. Your hubby sounds like a great fella too. You are very blessed, Theresa!

  12. Theresa, I remember loving this post the first time I read it and I still love it. Your dad sounds like an incredible man. Sounds a lot like my own father too. I am sure that you are like me, and are thankful for a wonderful dad in life. It makes such a difference to a girl to have a loving father. As I sit here today and hear all the calls from our children to their own dad today, I realize that they are as blessed as I was as child.

    Have a wonderful week dear friend!
    lots of hugs...


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