Friday, June 1, 2012

on a bike ride...

Are you in the mood for a little exercise? 

I thought I would take you on our bike ride with us...
This is from the first old bridge that we cross, it is only a walking bridge now,
no cars allowed.  We sometimes take a peek over to look for fish but most
of the time I am racing Duane down the hill like a little kid!

We see deer almost every night.  I really wanted to bring the camera
when the phlox was still in bloom because of some
of the different times we have seen the deer nestled in it.

Geese every night, tonight we caught them eating their dinner.
There is one family that has 23 goslings!
They were not available for a photo op on this particular bike ride though.


I call the mamma Fertile Myrtle  :)

This was a new sight...
8 turtles up on the bank laying eggs!
We had to stop a long time to watch them.
We were told that they were leatherbacks,
but after googling them, I'm not so sure.
They were cool and pretty big no matter what they are!

This is the third bridge that we see, another walking bridge.

... and then home where I just had to show you how I borrowed
an idea from a friend and planted hens and chicks in my old bird bath.

I'm so glad that Duane reminded me to take the camera this time,
but with so many stops, he ( who I refer to as Jilian) probably won't 
encourage it again any time soon because this is serious exercise people!

Gotta get ready for work
so I'll talk to you later! 

Happy Friday!


  1. Funny ...that was a really long walk, but I don't feel a bit winded. I guess that might be because there was so much to see!
    Have I mentioned turtles scare the dickens outta me?

  2. Oh T the beauty of Michigan!! Thanks so much for sharing!!! I love this post!!! Everything is so pretty and green right now! I just love it!! You know Duane will let you take the camera again!! LOL He probably enjoyed it as much as you did!! Cool turtle!!! XOXO Love, Fran.

  3. Theresa, this is my first visit to your blog (to comment!)~ LOVE the photography and I'm borrowing the idea of the 'hen and chicks' in the bird bath!! We have the top dish of an old one in our back storage shed, and I just KNEW there was something fun to do with that thing! I love hen and chicks (my mother had them years ago). Thank you again for sharing great ideas and beautiful photography notes. :)

  4. What a nice ride, thanks for the trip :)

  5. What a pretty picture of the doe. They are such gentle creatures. Love the scenery on your walk including the geese. Your bird bath is gorgeous planted.


  6. Loved the bike ride with you Theresa! Have a great week!
    PS- I am now racing you down the hill!

  7. Wow, you had so many marvelous visitors as you road your bike. I'm glad you had your camera with you too.

  8. It's the best part of taking walks and bikeriding .....seeing nature and take the time to stop and witness them. George is the same way as Duane he's not thrilled when I take my camera. Not a problem these days I haven't shot anything in weeks.

    Love your house and I get the extra fluffing when new company comes.



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