Monday, June 4, 2012

the effect company has on me... and my home

Sweeping, mopping, dusting, rearranging, cutting the last of the peonies,
fluffing, and fluffing some more...
is this what having company does for you?
I really need to have company more often and then maybe my house would
stay reasonably clean!

... not 'pop in' company, although they are my favorite kind of company,
but they unfortunately don't reap the benefits of my crazy
cleaning and fluffing!
They just take me as I am, and as the house is
and I am thankful that they want to knock on my door again and again!

My 'pop in' company are my friends that know they will
probably walk into scraps of paper strewn everywhere, the smell of 
a hot soldering iron, next to a sewing machine and piles of fabric, 
and a sink full of dishes,
and yet they still come over.

Thank you!

p.s. the door is always open ;)

They don't see the house as you see it,
photo ready.
(which by the way, please excuse the blurriness of these
latest photos, the light wasn't the greatest and my camera
is temperamental to it)

I couldn't retake them because, as you may have guessed
this room did not stay like this for very long.
Between the kids and the cat, the next morning
as I headed out to work, I walked through, shook my head and 
then closed my eyes.

I'm glad that I got pics of the peonies in the old crate and blue jars
 while I could because Oliver thought that I provided him with a new toy
 and had them shredded by the next day.

Good thing I love the booger.
p.s. that goes for the kids too!

Today I have it back in order, (mostly)
except for those pesky dishes and the never ending laundry...
wanna stop by for a visit?
If you call first, who knows what kind of projects I could get done just for you!!!
(sometimes I get crazy enough to break out the spray paint too!)

Happy Monday!


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  1. Oh I know what you mean, I've been on a month long cleaning spree. getting things done that I've been putting off for ages! LOVE love that chalkboard behind your manny, what a great vignette. And as for friends, if I lived close, I promise I'd be one of those drop by ones!!

  2. i had "company" this weekend as company nonetheless and clean..clean..fluff...fluff I did as well! i would SO love to be YOUR "company!!" what fun! ;0

  3. Hi Theresa,
    You are just a ball of energy. I love your pretty livingroom. We are putting our house back on the market so I'm busy scrubbing, fluffing and cleaning! That will do it for sure.


  4. I am on my way... okay?

    Goodness girl - your house is GORGEOUS!!!

    I'm always ALWAYS up the the whole night before company comes... then I want to sleep once they get there. LOL


  5. Oh, but the peonies are WONDERFUL!!! Then again, you cut peonies whether you have company or not. Maybe it's just nice to have a clean house. Wait. the kids and the dog....oh, well. At least you can say you cleaned!!

  6. Oh Theresa,
    Your home looks so beautiful!!~ I know how it is to fix it up all pretty and then have it destroyed almost moments later.
    Hope you have a lovely week.

  7. If I told you I had company coming would you come to my house and do a little of your magic?

  8. It looks beautiful Theresa, even if you say it doesn't stay clean long. You know that me raising six kids, I totally get it :) I bet your company loves coming to your beautiful home and spending time with you.
    I love what you said about your drop in friend. I think they are the best kind too. One of my friends is always stopping in. She has seen me at my best and at my worst : )
    hugs from here...

  9. You know I'll be there :) And I'll drag Lib with me too!
    As soon as I recover from that biking incident...

  10. You're so much nicer than me. I've convinced my friends the dust is part of the decor.
    Love the wall vignette.

  11. Your house looks lovely, and your post made me chuckle. The only time I get my silver polished is when my mother in-law comes to visit! : )

  12. Hi Theresa, Your home looks so inviting and comfortable that I can understand why friends just stop by unannounced.
    Mary Alice

  13. Something tells me it all looks wonderful messed up too!

  14. Theresa I am over the moon with the mannequin and the chalk back drop the whole vignette is well "so me" I wish we could keep our homes photo ready always


  15. You are so right about company. Pop ins are fun but if I knew you were coming I'd a baked a cake!

  16. Wow.... your area with the huge chalkboard and desk is amazing!! Love the look.

    Doesn't it feel good to get it all cleaned up? Just wish it stayed that way longer for all the effort put into it:-)


  17. When I have out-of-town company, I go nuts cleaning! They probably would not even notice I took a qtip to the corners under the cabinet!I DO love company that "enjoys" my comfortable home with it's lived in feel...
    Great Post!

  18. I prefer unanounced company. No need to feel bad about the dishes in the sink if you didn't know they were coming, and I bet they have a dish or 2 in their sink too!

  19. Oh Theresa, it just looks beautiful, I love your room, and the torso with the xoxo, so sweet, and looking very tidy and clean-come visit me .LOL

  20. Oh how funny! I am taking a break from cleaning for company right now when I popped over here to visit!! And it isn't until I really clean do I realize what a true mess I live in. I "straighten up" a lot, but REAL cleaning? Not too much I realize until I really need to!! The weather has been sooooooo nice for two whole months I find it hard to stay inside and clean and boy am I paying the price!

    Thanks for the post - can't wait to go back and see more....

    Big hugs

  21. Now that my scraped knees and elbows are recovering from my little bike incident, I am frantically rushing around trying to clean the visible spots for company.

    As long as no one opens any doors or closets, we are all good. If you hear someone yelling, "Tim-ber" you know the front closet was opened...

    Have a wonderful week!


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